Snuggie Finds Cozier and Fancier Ways for You to Look Like an Utter Fool

We haven't heard much from Snuggie, the blanket with sleeves, in years. But no, they haven't gone out of business. Quite the opposite. They've been working on some stunning new designs and even cozier fabrics—and they're making a big, comfy marketing push this holiday.Looking for a blanket that looks like a tuxedo or an evening gown? You're in luck! Are you an elderly person who wants to see people's faces when you dress up in a board-shorts or bikini blanket? You jokester—they've got that, too!

Is Happiness a Warm Gun? Then You Need a Gun Snuggler!

The defictionalized product of the day is the Gun Snuggler. What started out as an Internet joke about the eccentricities of gun ownership has now become an actual holiday gift, allowing you to enjoy the happiness that is a warm gun.

Forever Lazy bodysuits, for the infant in you

Is the Snuggie too dignified for you? Then hop into a Forever Lazy one-piece fleece bodysuit, and really call it quits. Same garish colors as the Snuggie, same soothing fabric. […]

Snuggie offering warm, fleecy holiday cheer

For those of you partial to blankets with sleeves, here are a pair of holiday spots from Snuggie, the fuzzy category leader. It's the usual crap—low budget and campy, with […]

Snuggie learns new dance called ‘Macarena’

The makers of the Snuggie, the "blanket with sleeves," are taking their advertising into new realms of camp with a series of "Snugarena" ads, in which people in Snuggies gyrate […]

Order Your Off-Color Axe or Snuggie Ad Now

Weezer and Snuggie warm up to each other

The unlikeliest product of the year has arrived: the Weezer Snuggie, which is being hawked in the infomercial above, packaged with the new Weezer CD, for the low, low price […]

Sleevie helps you look great … and do good

This week's honors for best fictitious brand go to the Sleevie, a garment whose capacious sleeves make it easier to expose your arm and thus donate blood. Looking like something […]

Snuggie wearers at last can outfit their pets

After what has surely been an interminable wait, Snuggie fans can finally order mini Snuggies for their dogs. (You can probably put it on your cat, too, though you might […]

Be an utter tool, order the WTF Blanket now

Great parody here of the infomercials for the Snuggie, reimagined as the What the F#%k Blanket. Now, we just need a mashup of the New York Times Weekenders ads and […]