Programming Content Helps Set Defy Media Apart From Other Multichannel Networks

While most digital video networks presenting at this year's NewFronts will be explaining to ad buyers over the next two weeks just how different they are from traditional TV, Defy Media went in the opposite direction.

YouTube Will Debut a Scripted Comedy From Smosh, but Not on YouTube Red

Popular YouTube comedy duo Smosh is getting into the sitcom business.YouTube announced today that scripted comedy Part Timers starring Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox (aka Smosh) will debut exclusively on the Smosh YouTube channel on Jan. 11 with Schick Hydro signed on as brand partner for the first season.

Defy Media Shows Off Its Small Yet Mighty Presence

Online production house Defy Media might not have as many creators on its roster as multi-channel networks do, but it wants advertisers to know it has just as much reach and resonance as the big names out there. 

How Defy Media Creates a Fun, Youthful Workspace Behind the Scenes

2015 NewFronts presenter Defy Media knows what the kids want. As one of the largest original content creators for the 13 to 34 demo, with a large chunk of content […]

Here Are This Year’s Digital Hot List Winners

Are These YouTube Stars Coming to a Theater Near You?

Lionsgate is betting big on YouTubers and will help distribute the upcoming film, The Smosh Movie, giving a dirt world boost to some popular online stars.

Dell Taps Defy Media for Back-To-School Campaign

Dell is working with digital media production company Defy Media to encourage teens and college kids to use its products when they head back to the classroom this fall.

Kids Don’t Understand Old Computers in Fine Bros. Viral Video

Do you remember your first computer? Those clunky, dust bunny-attracting devices used to be the coolest device you could put your grubby little fingers on, but now they just seem to frustrate today's kids.

Ubisoft Enlists Smosh and Rob Dyrdek for Watch Dogs Hack Ad

Hacking used to be associated with geek culture, but Ubisoft wants to turn the activity mainstream with its newest game Watch Dogs.

Mockumentary Vines Are a Huge Hit With YouTube Viewers

If you've seen five Vines, you've probably seen them all.