Slim Jim

Oh, Snap! Slim Jim Brings Back Famous Old Tagline, With a Modern Twist

IDEA: It's been two decades since "Macho Man" Randy Savage bellowed at young men to "Snap into a Slim Jim." Many in the current target market for the ConAgra meat sticks (males 18-25, mostly) weren't even born then.

5 Great Snapchat Ideas for Big Brands

Tongal wanted to wrap its head around Snapchat marketing, so in mid-November the crowdsourcing contest platform encouraged its social-media-minded community to contribute ideas for major brands.

The World’s Shortest Free Fall, Brought to You by Slim Jim

While we're setting records, how about this stunning video of a stuntman on Conan attempting the world's shortest free fall? It looks easy, but it doesn't end well. The stunt was ostensibly sponsored by Slim Jim, a brand for which Conan O'Brien seems to have a special affinity.

RIP Randy Savage, Who Snapped Into Many a Slim Jim

Macho Man Randy Savage tragically died today in a single-vehicle accident in Florida, reportedly after suffering a heart attack. Savage, who was 58, followed his wrestling career with a successful role as Slim Jim's insanely energetic pitchman in the '90s. For a guy who didn't speak so much as grunt, this was somewhat surprising. ConAgra Foods, which makes Slim Jims, released a statement today that read: "We're saddened by the loss. Randy was a beloved ambassador for the Slim Jim brand for many years and will be greatly missed." See a few of his spots below. Hat tip: @Mediawill.