4 Things You Should Know About Podcast Advertising, According to the Pros

When do you listen to podcasts? Probably in your car or on a train, during some kind of commute. Maybe you listen while you do chores around the house, adding some conversation to your dusting routine. With hundreds of thousands of options at your fingertips, how can an advertiser grab anyone's attention?

Slate Doubles Down on Podcasts

There's always been a loyal base of listeners who download podcasts weekly, but thanks to the popularity of shows like Serial, more people are paying attention to the digital format.

Predictive Data Boosts Social Messaging by 91%

Real-time social messaging is most beneficial to brands in the media and entertainment sectors, according to SocialFlow's latest study that examined 1.6 million posts by brands.

Slate Launches Paid Membership Program

If you want to get into the new members-only section of Slate, you’re going to have to pay.

AOL Benefits Back After ‘Distressed Baby’ Outrage

AOL has restored benefits that CEO Tim Armstrong initially said were cut in part because of the expense of “distressed babies” born to workers’ families. Still, the outrage over his remarks last week appears still high, and one of the mothers of those babies wrote an emotional column yesterday.

How Native Advertising Will Change in 2014

Native advertising was all the rage this past year, as online publishers and marketers grappled for new (or repackaged) ways to get the attention of ad-weary consumers. Brands and publishers created entire divisions to produce the ads that mimic editorial content, while vendors sprang up to try to scale their distribution.

What Happens When a Middle-Aged Woman Wears Axe Men’s Body Spray for a Week

Slate's legal reporter obviously has too many friends and wants to pare down her social circle, because she recently decided to see what would happen if she wore Axe men's body spray for a week.

Outbrain Adds $35M in Latest Fundraising

Outbrain just picked up $35 million to keep churning out its signature viral advertising links.

Washington Post Sale Raises Question About Slate

One of the many head-scratching aspects of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ surprise purchase of The Washington Post is not only what he bought, but what he didn’t.

House of Cards Star Corey Stoll Doesn’t Bother With Cable

Specs Who Corey Stoll  Age 37