Skyy Vodka

Ad of the Day: Skyy Vodka Gives You Cosmic Tips on Having a Better Night Out

Renowned ad critic Neil deGrasse Tyson should really be the one reviewing Skyy Vodka's new ads from Venables Bell & Partners, but we'll fill in for him this time.

Venables Bell Wins Skyy Vodka

After 15 years with Lambesis, Skyy Vodka has found a new home.The brand has awarded its creative businenss to Venables Bell & Partners after a review, the agency confirmed. Skyy's media spending is expected to rise next year to an estimated $30 million.

3 Shops Await Decision in Skyy Vodka Review

Skyy Vodka is in the late stages of a creative review with three finalists awaiting a decision, according to sources.Sources identified the contenders as Venables Bell & Partners, Mekanism and Mistress. Final presentations have taken place and decision could come in the next few days, a source said. The consultancy R3:JLB is managing the search.