Microsoft Is Challenging Slack With a Chat System Featuring an Army of 85 Bots

Microsoft, as expected at its Office event today, pulled back the curtain on its Slack competitor, which is called Microsoft Teams. Since launching in 2009, Slack has become a popular, real-time chat system for companies and organizations that want employees to communicate in a more seamless fashion than email.

Microsoft Moves Forward With Multiple Chatbots Despite Its ‘Tay’ Fiasco

Microsoft is moving forward with its battalion of bots—even if its first chatbot, "Tay," won't behave.

Six Tips on Talking to the Post Generation

In my last Adweek column introducing the Post Generation—my nickname for the under-14 cohort, also variously referred to as Gen Z or Centennials or the Homeland Generation (among other appellations)—I discussed how they're coming of

Skype Is Great for Lots of Stuff, Like Helping Russian Pet Detectives Find Dogs Named Donut

There's a real-live Ace Ventura in Moscow, and Skype wants you to know he uses its technology to help find lost cats and dogs. Meet Valeriy Subrigov, a former police officer and now a pet detective of 25 years who stars in Pereira & O'Dell's new documentary-style ad for the video chat and messaging service.

Ad of the Day: Skype Tells the Story of Earth’s First Climate-Change Refugees

Skype wants you to know it isn't just good for keeping in touch with geographically distant friends and family—it's a practical tool for important professionals doing good work.

Brand of the Day: How Skype Uses Storytelling to Be the Most Human of Tech Companies

Skype knows it's much more than a platform for people to converse quickly and simply. It smartly understands that the real value of its technology lies in the human connections and how they affect people's day-to-day lives.  So, what does it do about that? 

The Top 10 Messaging Apps by User Base and Revenue

A new report from Forrester Research gives marketers an interesting perspective on the quick growth of messaging apps in the past year. Whether or not that translates into solid revenue strategies for many is still up for debate though.

Here’s the Full List of 2014 Watch Awards Winners

Our inaugural Watch Awards, designed to honor the best in online video, received hundreds of entries. Filmmakers, actors, activists and comedians are creating a veritable universe of content that encompasses everything between hilarious and heartfelt. Congratulations to all the winners.

Skype’s Story Is Told Through the Eyes of Those It’s Connected

Production Series – Gold After being forced to become a child soldier in Uganda, Dennis became an outspoken opponent of war atrocities. But his efforts there made him a public […]

The Story Behind One of the Most Beautiful Real Moments in Advertising

CANNES, France—"Reality, most of the time, sucks." So says PJ Pereira, who just happens to have created one of the most powerful reality-based ads in advertising history—one being widely honored and adored at this year's Cannes Lions.