Nielsen and FreeWheel Expand Online Campaign Ratings Partnership

Nielsen has expanded its relationship with FreeWheel, as the video platform will aim to streamline the usage of Nielsen's Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) for their joint clients.

Father Time Takes a Lickin’ and Stops Tickin’ for Sky TV

Father Time gets wound up and ticked off as his awesome powers run out in this cinematic spot by DDB New Zealand for Sky TV. "The sun, the moon, the tides, all were under my control ... But after thousands of years of service, it seems time has caught up with me," he moans. Bummer. The 90-second clip, stylishly directed by Steve Ayson, generates a Monty Python vibe thanks to the presence of a heavily bearded dude traipsing through bleak locations (It's … Father Time) and an absurdly epic yet silly premise. The best scene takes place in a clock shop, where the nonplussed counter help can't fix our hero's hourglass. (At least they have working clocks on hand, unlike Switzerland, which these days seems frozen in time.) The commercial is a broad and roundabout way of illustrating the brand message: "Time no longer matters." FT takes solace in front of the tube, remote in hand, time-shifting The Blues Brothers (they're on "a mission from God!") via Sky TV to his heart's content. Ultimately, TV's the time suck that claims us all. Credits below.

First Mover: Jim Hytner

Who has shaped you most as a leader? Don Keough. He was [known for using] the expression, “The world belongs to the discontented.” He influenced me a lot. I was a junior [executive] at Coke. But the way he led the company was that he loved Coke, and he loved the brands. With all his brilliance, he had this passion for his own company.