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Banana Boat Wants to Help Men Spend More Manly Time in the Sun

Banana Boat for Men is putting sunscreen in terms guys can understand, with words like "bacon" and "nap."You, lazy pig that you are, will turn into crispy pork parts if you fall asleep in the sun—but only if you don't use the brand's product, says one spot in a new series of four.Each spot from JWT in New York is tightly written and neatly shot. One, for example, packs in a charming little cut of a tortoise, while urging you to be bold. Small freedoms are the common thread. Banana Boat's "Triple Defense" offering will also protect your bald spot while you're golfing hatless, and your beer gut while you're riding your lawn mower shirtless, and your hairy elbow while you're hanging it out the window driving through the desert, because you want to do all those things.That is to say, it claims it will keep you safe from sunburn, at least, and from smelling bad, and from dry skin. Unlike some other sunscreens, however, it will not put your kids on an electronic leash, or teach your tattoo artist to check you for signs of skin cancer.

Burt’s Bees Puts a Fresh Face on Billboards and Coupons

To promote its new Intense Hydration line, Burt's Bees placed a clever "interactive" billboard on a busy street in Minneapolis. The sign showed a woman whose dry skin was made up of thousands of product coupons. These "flakes" were peeled away by folks passing by over the course of a day, revealing an image of the same model with a creamier (presumably hydrated) complexion. The "before and after" effect can be seen in the time-lapse clip below, and the still images below that. The video sends you to Burt's Facebook page, where you can get your own coupons. The video by Baldwin& has garnered 30,000 YouTube views in a week. That's fairly sweet for Burt's Bees, which, let's face it, isn't exactly the sexiest drone in the hive. It's kind of creepy to think that passersby were symbolically peeling off a human being's skin. But this is Minneapolis, so I guess anything goes. The client was lucky some joker didn't come along right at the beginning and snatch all 1,300 coupons in a skin-care-savings frenzy, forcing them to set up the whole thing again.

Man-Butts Gyrate to Sell Women Skin Cream

If there’s one thing that generally doesn’t get much attention—in life or mass marketing—it’s the man-butt. After the male stripper flick Magic Mike opens Friday, that may change.

Will Nivea Lose Rihanna Over Racist Ad?

This week's outcry over Nivea for Men's racist "Re-Civilize Yourself" ad has led some to call for Rihanna to cancel her endorsement contract with the company. The 23-year-old, Barbados-born singer signed a major deal with the skin-care brand this spring to help celebrate its 100-year anniversary. Nivea is sponsoring her tour; she lent her song "California King Bed" to a commercial; she has her own enormous section on the Nivea website; she even posed topless to introduce the partnership (full image after the jump). It seems unlikely that she would ditch the whole thing over a misstep at a different division of the company, although some fans at least want a statement from her. So far, she hasn't offered one, preferring to focus on her European tour. ("NORWAY!!!! I fell in love with you foreverrrrr….") What do you think she should do?Should Rihanna ditch Nivea following the brand's racist ad?

Australian Bus-Stop Ad Dispenses Sunscreen to Beachgoers

Now that scientists better understand what horrors the fiery death star we call the sun can enact on our skin, it's crucial to convey those dangers to a population that routinely exposes itself in broad daylight. This sunscreen-dispensing billboard by Cooch Creative for Sun Smart Cancer Council Western Australia seeks to do just that, reminding careless youth near two popular beaches in Perth to slather the stuff on. The sunscreen is dispensed out of a little cut-out in an area of skin marked for cancer removal, and little icons at the bottom suggest that you protect yourself in five ways—shirts, sunscreen, hats, atom bombs (oh sorry, possibly trees), and sunglasses. Recently, the U.S. government has set new labeling requirements for sunscreen brands to help avoid some of the confusion behind the marketing, which makes me wonder what they mean by "30+ sunscreen." I mean, is it even broad-spectrum? Still, billboards that dispense things are awesome. And how else besides talking about the dangers of skin cancer are you going to get half-naked youth to rub each other with lotion? That's a hard sell right there. Larger image after the jump. Via Best Ads on TV.

Unblemished Justin Bieber pitches Proactiv

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Beauty of Vaseline ballet not even skin deep

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New York subway riders, Dr. Zizmor speaks!

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