Ad of the Day: Audi Made One Hell of a Gnarly Skiing Ad Without Any Snow at All

Look out below!In this gripping Audi Quattro ad from agency Lowe Stratéus and production house The Boat, French ski champion and filmmaker Candide Thovex races down a mountain. There's just one thing missing—snow!

Ad of the Day: You Just Might Pee Yourself Over Copper Mountain’s Gloriously Weird Ads

If there's a better way to sell folks on Copper Mountain skiing than dressing actors up as urine—yes, urine!—I'm certainly not aware of it.

Philips Creates a Stunning Explosion of Color and Snow With ‘Afterglow’

If you like any combination of amazing colors, night skiing and striking imagery, Philips has an ad for you.

Skier Sets Off Avalanche and Records the Whole Terrifying Experience on His GoPro

Considering its position as the No. 1 brand channel on YouTube, it's really of no surprise that this insane video comes from today's prime purveyors of adventuretime content, GoPro.

P&G Ads Are Taking Olympic Gold and Facebook Users Love Skiing

Here comes the Olympics data. AceMetrix today unveiled numbers that bode extremely well for Procter & Gamble, which takes the top three spots in its Top 10 rankings for Winter Games TV spots.

Ad of the Day: Hertz

The season's most amazing new winter accessory has turned out—for better or worse—to be a deviously clever ad campaign in disguise.

Chairlift Is the Real Trip in Odd Ads for Copper Mountain Ski Resort

Wexley School for Girls, the Seattle agency whose name, we've already established, is pretty quirky, has come up with a quirky new campaign to match—for Copper Mountain Ski Resort in Colorado. While most ski mountains fill up their ads with footage of people slashing through snow, these spots take place entirely on the chairlift, with stylized backgrounds that are more fantastical than realistic. This provides the backdrop for eccentric vignettes where a mom, dad, son and daughter sit around discussing the mountain's amentities—in what can only be described as blissed-out comedy. Adding to the surreal vibe, the teens are played by adults (another advantage of shooting against a green screen), and the dialogue is wacky enough to be borderline incomprehensible at times. It throws you for a loop at first, but the series grows on you—and many of the spots are actually weirdly hilarious.      The agency was trying to capture the "transcendental experience" of skiing, says Cal McAllister, CEO and executive creative director at Wexley. "When people realize they're on a chairlift and cannot get off, and you mix in a little high-altitude truth serum, the ride up can become almost as memorable as the ride down. We focused on making the art direction otherworldly because Copper is unlike any other ski area on the planet."      You have to hand it to the client: This is offbeat stuff. But Dwight Eppinger, senior marketing manager at Copper Mountain, felt it rang true. "Some of my most memorable skiing experiences happened on the lift," he says. "I was excited with how Wexley captured the lift ride interactions with a sense of humor and highlighted what makes Copper different from other ski resorts." (That includes close parking, short lines, back bowls, lodging deals and pass savings.) The tagline is: "Everyone deserves a snow day."      Check out seven spots, and credits, below.

Vail Resorts Doubles Down With SapientNitro

Thanks to a piece of national legislation passed last fall, Vail Resorts is gearing up for summertime revenues in the same mountains where it offers ski slopes to consumers.

Orbit’s Ice Mints Ad Hijacks Snowmaking Machine

PKP BBDO in Austria came up with this super cool ambient execution for Orbit Ice Mints, using a mountainside snow cannon to make the guy look like he's breathing ice. I mean, sure, it's ugly as hell and ruins the pristine beauty of the Alps. But you know you love it anyway.

Draftfcb Helping to Brand U.S. Freeskiing From Scratch

Draftfcb New York recently got an interesting assignment from the United States Ski and Snowboard Association—to help build the brand identity for U.S. Freeskiing ahead of the first-ever freeskiing Olympic events, set to take place at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. Check out the new logo above.