Silicon Valley

This Behind-the-Scenes ‘Silicon Valley’ Story Will Make Every Digital Agency Jealous

Even after 15 years of being in business, not many people had heard of Wpromote because, like most search advertising agencies, it operates in stealth mode for high-profile clients such as Toyota and Marriott.

How an Italian Agency Cleverly Imitates Silicon Valley to Fund Entrepreneurs in Uganda

If you took a trip to Bulambuli Valley in Uganda, you would stumble upon a small town filled with entrepreneurs. The people there are not unlike those you would find in Silicon Valley—hardworking, innovative individuals risking everything to bring their brilliant ideas to life.

20 Stars and Influencers Who Radiate Creativity and Get Everyone Talking

What would you do with fame, if you had it? Would you simply enjoy all the perks and pay that come with it, or would you use it as a launching pad for your creative passions?

Judge Denies Motion for New Gawker-Hulk Hogan Trial Following Peter Thiel Bombshell

Gawker was just handed another loss in court this afternoon, when a Florida state court judge upheld the jury verdict rendered two months ago in the lawsuit from Hulk Hogan.

This Week’s Must-Haves: a Friendly Robot That Teaches Kids to Code

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting glowing sneaker clip-ons, a denim trucker jacket and an umbrella that syncs with your smartphone. Take a look! 

HBO’s Fake Posters for Silicon Valley’s Pied Piper Perfectly Mock Tech’s Self-Importance

If there's anything that HBO's Silicon Valley does well, it's deriding the tech world's faux altruistic attitude. While it's easy to applaud the show for the way it perfectly navigates the weird social dynamics in an environment where employees and creators believe an app invention could possibly change the world—it likely won't—it also knows exactly how that world would advertise itself. Case in point: The show released three posters, by creative agencies Arsonal and Buster Ink, at its activation within the Mashable House at South by Southwest in Austin today. 

How This Creative Agency Plans to Take Digital to the Next Level

Specs Current gig Managing partner, chief digital officer at David&Goliath Previous gig President and chief integration officer at JWT North America

Why Tech Rebels Like Uber, Jet and Fitbit Are Embracing Traditional Advertising

Those who follow tech startups may have noticed a peculiar trend lately: traditional ads created by traditional agencies to promote some of Silicon Valley's favorite "unicorns."

Ice-T and Coco Discuss Their New Talk Show, Media Obsessions and Why They’re Mad at Twitter

Specs Coco Age 36 Claim to fame Model, actress, founder of Licious apparel and lingerie Twitter @cocosworld

Why More Companies Today Are Embracing Wellness

Even Don Draper meditates. And when he does, the fictional ad titan comes up with a seminal feel-good commercial for Coca-Cola that teaches the world to sing in perfect harmony.Should everybody be saying oooooommmmm?