Why Amazon’s New Phone Threatens Retailers

Amazon today unveiled its highly anticipated smartphone—dubbed Amazon Fire Phone—that will give the e-commerce giant yet another piece of ammunition against retailers in its goal to own online shopping through showrooming and price comparisons.&nbs

Study Shows Prevalence of Consumer ‘Webrooming’

Retailers who fume about showrooming may find a new report from Merchant Warehouse is a welcome reality check.

Retailers Are Using Data-Based Approaches to Fight Showrooming

Technology has given consumers the ability to be multichannel shoppers, giving rise to the showrooming phenomenon whereby people check out the merchandise in the stores, then go online and buy it elsewhere for less.

Showrooming is a Very Real Problem for Car Dealerships, Too

There’s been a lot of attention paid to the harm done to big-box stores when shoppers check out merchandise in brick-and-mortar outlets, only to buy it online (often at Amazon) for less. Now, a new study by Placed Inc.

Consumers Visit Retailers, Then Go Online for Cheaper Sources

Target and Best Buy have been fighting back against showrooming, where people check out the goods in brick-and-mortar stores with the express intent of finding them cheaper online (hello, Amazon).

Retailer’s Holidays Focus Ain’t Sexy, Just Real

Sometimes it's refreshing to hear a brand admit that it has put together a fairly elaborate effort not to reel in more fish (i.e., customers) right then and there, but just to make sure the lake remains stocked with prospects.