Doritos and 8 Other Brands That Took Digital Bites Out of #Sharknado3 Buzz

Doritos may have been the most dedicated marketer for Syfy's Sharknado 3 last night, pushing its brand via mobile-video ads before the telecast as well as with Twitter promos and TV spots during it. According to Amobee Brand Intelligence, the chip fared pretty well, finishing fifth among the show's top nine brands when it came to cross-Web consumption among digital viewers.

This Bites! Sharknado 3 Is Basically Just 2 Hours of Comcast-Branded Content

There have only been a handful of TV moments that became true social media phenomena, but the original Sharknado certainly qualifies.

Why Shark Week Is Sinking Its Teeth Into July

In this year's promos for Shark Week, Discovery is calling it "The Most Wonderful Week of the Year"—and that's not just hyperbole.

Syfy Is Making a Third Sharknado, and We’ve Already Written 5 Pitches for It

Syfy tells Adweek exclusively that it has green-lit a third movie in its increasingly silly Sharknado franchise before even airing the second one (official title: The Second One).The first flick cost the network a scant $250,000, a cost repaid in social chatter and fan love. Now the network has committed to a third film to be set in a yet-to-be-determined city, presumably with the rest of the principal cast from Sharknado and Sharknado 2: The Second One, provided no airborne carnivorous fish spend their last moments on Earth munching on Tara Reid or Ian Ziering between now and then.So here, without further ado, are five pitches we feel Syfy should consider while the network tries to figure out how next to fling a funnel cloudful of surprised apex predators teeth-first into the public imagination.Oh, and for the record, Sharkando 2 premieres Wednesday, July 30, just after San Diego Comic Con. Sharknado 3 is slated to air in summer 2015.3harknadoStarring Nathan Fillion, Portia de Rossi, Alison Brie and Joel Hodgson, the third Sharknado tears apart San Diego during the reunion of cult classic TV series SpaceShark 2025. During a panel Q&A with fans, the down-on-their-luck cast is rent asunder by the very monsters their fictional characters used to battle. Will they learn who engineered this catastrophe? And when they do, will the answer shock them?Sharknado 3: Sharksplode!Executive produced by Michael Bay with 35 percent new footage, the world really has a mess on its hands when a waterspout hits a once-in-a-lifetime ... uh, thrice-in-a-lifetime ... school of sharks—and then a mid-Atlantic oil rig! Now filled with flammable light sweet crude, the angry and frightened fish burst into waterproof flames on impact with the ground. Our only hope may be the brave men and women of the Navy's elite SHaRK unit, who must place themselves in harm's way between hundreds of sharksplosions... and Big Ben.Wes Anderson's Splendid Third SharknadoDirected by Wes Anderson from a screenplay co-written with Roman Coppola, Daniel Day-Lewis and Jeff Goldblum star as romantic rivals Commander Jonas Welk and Chef Brent Klein, respectively the captain and the cook of a six-story-tall, 700-foot-long airliner nearing the end of its six-year mission to explore cirrus cloud formations. Tensions run high during the biweekly midair refuelings, though discomfort is offset somewhat by the opulent ballrooms and smoking lounges aboard the jet. When a probe disturbs a nest of rare flying sharks atop the highest mountain in the world, the two men must put aside their differences—and their shared adoration of the first mate (Tilda Swinton)—to rescue the frightened creatures from a dizzying plummet to their demise. Meanwhile, Commander Welk comes to terms with the death of his sister.

Nielsen: 29 Percent of TV Ratings Impacted by Twitter

In a first attempt at establishing a causal relationship between Twitter activity and TV ratings, Nielsen on Tuesday released a study that suggests that the social media platform can in fact have a meaningful impact on GRPs.

The Five Best Brand Activations We’ve Seen at Comic-Con

There's expensive marketing, creative marketing, and then there's Comic-Con, where brands shoot the works on pricey stunts from free food to set recreations to lavish parties.

The Five Best Brand Activations We’ve Seen at Comic-Con