Now Marketers Can Buy Sponsored Content Programmatically

Publishers' branded content is going programmatic. Today, Sharethrough and AppNexus are rolling out real-time bidding for Sharethrough's news feed-like promos.

Study: 69% of Marketers Believe That Native Advertising Is Valuable

The 614 Group, a digital media consulting player, has produced a benchmark study that is designed to help marketers make choices about native advertising.

Native Advertising Wasn’t Really So Viral in 2013

Are we so sure that all this sponsored content is worth the trouble?

6 Companies That Are Trying to Solve the Native Ad Scaling Issue

As the banner ad loses its luster, online publishers from BuzzFeed to Quartz are turning to units that capture the look and feel of the host site's content. The purists say that truly native advertising can't be scaled without losing its bespoke (read: expensive) feel.

Yahoo’s New In-Stream Ads Are Dominated by Direct-Response Marketing

When Yahoo introduced native advertising in April, CEO Marissa Mayer boasted that its new in-stream ads would be “every bit as personalized and engaging” as the editorial content around them.

Sharethrough Scales Up Its Native Ads

A fundamental challenge of native advertising is scalability. A Google search ad can’t run as a Forbes BrandVoice ad, nor can a Twitter Promoted Tweet be placed as a Tumblr Radar spot.

Google Ventures Leads $1.875 Million Funding Round in Native Mobile Ad Startup

A lot of investor money has flowed to mobile ad startups, but much has been siphoned toward companies working on how to better target mobile ads or build ties between mobile and desktop users. Instead of focusing on how ads get distributed and to whom, Namo Media (short for “native mobile”) aims to fix where they get distributed and what they look like.

Sharethrough Launches Own Take on Sponsored Stories

Companies like InPowered and Disqus have rolled out ad platforms for brands to promote articles and other more media-ish content with paid placements on publish

Sharethrough Grabs $5 Million in Funding for Native Ad Push

Sharethrough founder and CEO Dan Greenberg is one of the more vocal evangelists of the native advertising talk that has recently bubbled up.

Sharethrough Promises Video Ads That Look Like Content

The social video firm Sharethrough wants to help brands run video ads that don't look like video ads.