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Broadcasters Sue FCC Amid New Scrutiny of Shared Services Deals

Net neutrality isn't the only problem Tom Wheeler has: the Federal Communications Commission chairman also faces a new lawsuit from broadcasters.

Sinclair Restructures Allbritton Deal in Wake of FCC Crackdown on Sidecar Deals

Seeing the writing on the wall at the Federal Communications Commission, Sinclair Broadcast Group said late Thursday it would restructure its deal to buy Allbritton's TV group. As part of the restructuring, Sinclair will no longer propose to enter into shared service and joint sales agreements in three markets where it is adding ABC affiliates from Allbritton.

FCC Takes Aim at TV Joint Sales Deals

Does the Federal Communications Commission have it in for local broadcasters? Some insist that's the case. 

FCC’s Pai Warns Agency Against Strong-Arming Broadcasters in Auction

Did the Federal Communications Commission come close to changing its media ownership rules regarding joint sales agreements and shared service agreements?

FCC Approves Gannett and Tribune Acquisitions

The Federal Communications Commission has approved two of the year's biggest TV station deals involving the sale of nearly 40 stations: Gannett's $1.5 billion purchase of Belo and Tribune's $2.73 billion purchase of Local TV.

Gannett Is Set to Become the 4th Largest Owner of Broadcast TV Affiliates

No doubt some in Washington will think the Dept. of Justice let Gannett off easy. In order to close its purchase of Belo, the DOJ Monday required Gannett to divest KMOV-TV, Belo's CBS affiliate, in St. Louis, next year.

FCC’s Pai Makes Vigorous Case to Loosen Media Ownership Rules

Federal Communications commissioner Ajit Pai made it clear where he stands on media ownership rules. In a no-holds-barred style that is becoming the GOP commissioner's trademark, Pai laid out a vigorous defense for loosening or eliminating the rules that govern how many broadcast stations and newspapers a company can own in any one market.