4 Survival Trends People Will Turn to in 2017 That Marketers Need to Understand

Marketers and consumers alike are reeling from a year of deep division and chaos. "WTF just happened?" is the first question we're asking ourselves followed by, "Where do we go from here?"

Here’s the Steamy Video to Go With Calvin Klein’s Sexting Billboards

Building on last week's digital-dating print campaign, Calvin Klein is taking its #mycalvins play for the Tinder and Grindr generation into the live-action realm.

These ‘Cancer Sutra’ Posters Show How to Check Your Partner During Sex

Ad agency The Bull-White House's "Cancer Sutra" campaign was a provocative idea in search of a sponsor—until Stupid Cancer, a nonprofit dedicated to helping young adults with cancer, signed on.

Are Brands Finally Tiring of All Those Sexy Super Bowl Ads?

Sex's ability to sell brands is often seen as an article of faith in the ad business, and the Super Bowl is the biggest house of worship.

American Apparel Faces Criticism for Demonstrating the Shortness of Its Miniskirts

American Apparel has once again landed in hot water for featuring questionable photos where a young woman in a plaid skirt is bending over (which arguably doubles as a racy ad for the company's underwear).

We’ll Buy Nearly Anything From a Woman in a Red Dress

Marketers like to talk about stuff that’s “disruptive.” And when it comes to advertising—actually, when it comes to pop culture in general—few things are quite as disruptive as a woman in a red dress. 

Are Brands Better Than Sex?

Maybe we’re guilty of generalizing, but let’s just venture a guess and say that people like to have sex.

30% of Millennial Moms Text With Their Partner More Than They Speak

Does it seem like young moms are always on their smartphones? A new survey survey by Meredith’s Parents Network, Millennial Moms & Media found that nearly half of moms between the ages of 19 and 36 say texting and social media have replaced talking with friends and nearly a third say they text their partner more than they speak.

First Mover: Joanna Coles

Specs Age 50 New gig Editor in chief, Cosmopolitan Old gig Editor in chief, Marie Claire

English National Opera Releases Un-Opera-Like Condom Ad

The English National Opera is courting controversy with an ad campaign for its production of Mozart's Don Giovanni that pairs the image of an open condom wrapper with the familiar phrase, "Coming Soon." Some people are upset about the double entend