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Congrats, Omaha, You Now Have the Country’s Most Disgusting Billboards

A graphic sexual health campaign aims to combat rising STD rates in Omaha, Neb., by grossing out young people with giant flesh-and-pus letters that deliver off-putting puns.

3 New Businesses in Omaha Are Making People Cringe, but They’re Doing Good Work

Three strange storefronts have popped up in Omaha recently that you wouldn't want to enter—but they're part of a PSA campaign telling residents that, unfortunately, sexually transmitted diseases are open for business in the city.

Don’t Co-Sleep With Your Baby, Particularly If He Has a Knife

Look, a baby sleeping with a butcher knife. Awww, how cute! Milwaukee's public-health unit and local agency Serve Marketing produced these controversial ads to warn parents about the dangers of co-sleeping with their infants. Wags might suggest it's not that dangerous, then, since most babies don't know how to use knives. Frankly, if the spitty, squealing brat hasn't had its baba yet, I'm not willing to take that chance. Joking, of course. It's a serious issue, and emotions run high on both sides of the debate. Does co-sleeping help thwart Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or is the risk of parents rolling over and suffocating babies too great? The campaign's shock value might be just the thing to cleave through the clutter and spur folks to thoroughly research the pros and cons before making a decision. Full ads after the jump.

Foster-Care Billboards See Lives Turned Upside Down

Drivers in Wisconsin might wonder about the sobriety of the local billboard workers this month, as four dozen outdoor ads across the state now show an upside-down image of an adult and child, with no copy.

‘2028’ movie is actually teen-pregnancy PSA

Teens in Milwaukee were recently bombarded by trailers, bus shelters, billboards, radio ads and Facebook and Wikipedia pages for a horror film called 2028. Or what they thought was a […]

For safe text, wrap your phone in a condom

This phone is wearing a condom to encourage teens to practice "safe text," which involves resisting the urge to send nude cell-phone pics of oneself all over creation. The work […]

Teens encouraged not to have stinky babies

The back-to-school season brings a unique teen-pregnancy message to the young people of Milwaukee, where bus shelters have been outfitted with scratch-and-sniff diapers, beckoning passersby to have a whiff. The […]