Sen. John Thune

FCC and FTC Nominees Couldn’t Be More Different

Mike O’Rielly, the GOP nominee for the Federal Communications Commission, and Terrell McSweeny, the Democratic nominee for the Federal Trade Commission, couldn’t be more different.The contrasts were on display during the Senate commerce committee nomination hearing, the first major step in filling out two agencies that have been short-handed for several months.

Senate Commerce Votes to Approve Tom Wheeler as Next FCC Chairman

Telecom vet and Obama loyalist Tom Wheeler has passed the first hurdle on his way to becoming the next chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. In a voice vote, the Senate Commerce committee voted in favor of the president's nominee to lead the agency.

FCC Chairman Nominee Says Broadband Is Top Priority

Like the Federal Communications Commission chairman before him, Tom Wheeler is a broadband and wireless devotee, which should come as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with President Obama’s nominee for chairman.

GOP to FCC: Don’t Take on Political Ad Disclosures

Nothing divides Congress more than political advertising. More than a dozen GOP senators warned the Federal Communications Commission that the agency should avoid passing any new rules requiring the disclosure of those funding political ads.