Yahoo Just Disclosed That 500 Million User Accounts Were Hacked in 2014

Half a billion Yahoo accounts were hacked in 2014 by a "state-sponsored actor" that resulted in users' information being stolen, the company revealed Thursday. A statement from the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based internet player did not say which country the hacker hailed from. 

President Obama Calls for Finding Middle Ground Around Issues Pertaining to Apple-FBI Fight

President Barack Obama appeared at South by Southwest Interactive in Austin today and weighed in on the issues that are central to the ongoing fight between Apple and the FBI. The feds want the consumer brand to create a backdoor on its phones for the sake of investigations.

A Look at Some of the Key Media Bills Being Introduced

Congress is winding down for the year, making it highly unlikely that any new laws will get passed; even nominations are having a tough time. There is still a question of whether the Senate, out the first week in December, will be able to vote on the nomination of Terrell McSweeny for an open slot on the Federal Trade Commission. But that doesn’t mean pols will sit on their hands.

Social Monitoring Program Saves Kids Embarrassment

The use of social networking sites is now an integral part of communication among teenagers. But unlike older users, this group faces particular dangers that can make parents wary. Striking a balance between monitoring children’s Internet activity and allowing them a degree of freedom has been a difficult challenge.

Rep. Bono Mack Looks to Crack Down on Companies Like Sony, Citibank

Hoping to protect consumers from hacking and potential identity theft, as in the recent high profile examples with Sony's Playstation and Citibank, Rep. Mary Bono Mack, R-Calif., late Monday unveiled draft legislation to tighten security standards and compel companies to notify consumers within 48 hours of breaches.

Apple Breaks Tracking Silence

After numerous reports surfaced over the past week claiming that the iPhone stores location information on a secret file in the phone, Apple has finally released an officia

Sony Admits to Major Security Breach

Last week, Sony Corp. shut down its PlayStation Network, an online game and movie service, saying that it had been the target of an “illegal intrusion,” but didn’t give further details.