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Jack in the Box Has Dropped the Ad Agency Created to Run Its Account

Dick Sittig—the ad industry veteran who created the Energizer Bunny and Jack Box, spent more than two decades crafting campaigns for the Jack in the Box burger chain and founded an agency based on its business—will no longer be the voice of the brand or its mascot.

Jack in the Box Gets Back to Tacky Humor With Giant Chickens and Sexting

Secret Weapon Marketing's latest terrifically tacky effort for Jack in the Box features big-ass chickens, highway smash-ups and sexting—though, perhaps sadly, not in the same commercial. Three spots tout the impressive size of various menu items in the brand's patented sophomoric style. To promote Really Big Chicken Combos, "Big Chickens" rehashes familiar comic tropes, spoofing giant-monster flicks and fuss-pot Hollywood directors by staging a film-set sissy fight between two actors dressed as humongous hens. Wags might suggest that the spot lays an egg, though in doing so they'd display more creativity and original thought than the commercial itself. In "How'd I Do It?" the chain's freakish, cue-ball-headed Jack mascot reveals his inspiration for the sausage, eggs, cheese, bacon and other stuff piled high on the Waffle Stack: a highway pile-up of big rigs, each carrying the food items in question. Wags might say that Jack in the Box advertising resembles not mere car crashes, but full-blown train wrecks. I'd never stoop so low. A third clip shows two young women lounging in bed while texting. One tells the other, "He just said, 'It's big … really big.'" Her friend responds, "Tell him to send a pic." A photo of the Big Stack sandwich arrives, and both women, suitably impressed, say, "Whoa!" The scene then shifts to a restaurant booth, where Jack tells a pal texting on his behalf, "Tell her I'm easy. 'Cuz of the drive-thru." Hmm, who's more unappealing as a sexter, Jack or Anthony Weiner? It's a pretty close call. "Texting," posted several weeks ago, generated some mild complaint for its sleazy scenario. It vanished from Jack in the Box's website and YouTube channel yesterday. A client rep explained, "The spot had a limited run due to the limited-time-only nature of the product and promotion … Knowing the spot would have a limited run, talent fees were negotiated so that Internet usage would expire when the promotion concluded. But again, this spot ran its full planned schedule." If Jack in the Box for any reason whatsoever also makes "Big Chickens" and "How'd I Do It?" disappear—or obliterates those hyper-annoying "Nugging" ads from the face of the Earth—I'd be OK with that, too. Two more spots after the jump.

Horizon Picks Up More Honda Dealer Work

Horizon has won media planning and buying for a Honda dealer association covering eight dealers in and around Phoenix, Arizona. The independent agency picked up the Valley Honda Dealer Association account following a review that began in February and ended in April. The dealer group spent $3.5 million across media in 2012, according to Kantar.

Jack in the Box: If You Love Bacon, Why Don’t You Marry It?

Jesus Christ, it never ends. Jack in the Box takes America's (literally) unhealthy bacon obsession to the next level with its "Marry Bacon" TV commercial from Secret Weapon Marketing, which turns out to be only one component in the campaign for the chain's BLT Burger.

Jack in the Box Super Bowl Campaign Weds TV, Digital

Jack in the Box thinks consumers will love its new BLT Cheeseburger so much they’ll want to marry it—at least that’s the premise of the quick-service restaurant chain’s regional Super Bowl ad and corresponding campaign.

Stoned fast-food mascot pledging free tacos

There's stupid. There's abysmally stupid. And then there's apocalyptic stupidity. The latter is achieved by this Jack in the Box spot, in which the orb-headed Jack mascot visits the dentist, […]

Fast-food mascot’s dad has 4-hour erection

The Jack in the Box mascot's chronic creepiness was a genetic inheritance, judging by this ad for the chain's breakfast croissant special. Two for $3 is a pretty good deal, […]