Google Misses Fourth-Quarter Earnings Despite Increased Advertising Revenue

Google's parent company Alphabet reported lower than expected earnings growth for the fourth quarter of 2016, hurt in part by a lower cost per click on advertising, even while the total volume of clicks grew.

Infographic: 4 Predictions From Google About Black Friday Shopping This Year

While U.S. retailers are getting ready for the holiday shopping season to begin in earnest, shoppers are already turning to Google to research the latest trends and deals.

Google Is Introducing Native Video Ads for Mobile Publishers

If Google's research is correct, more than half of all smartphone users give up trying to load mobile websites if it takes longer than three seconds. Because of that, Google is moving forward with several beta offerings to help publishers and advertisers make their mobile formats more efficient.

Pinterest Is Adding 15 Ad-Tech Companies to Beef Up Its Data and Measurement Game

Pinterest has long claimed it moves the needle for brands in terms of sales and conversions, and now the company is inviting more ad-tech partners to its platform to prove it.

Google Search and YouTube Drove Alphabet’s Third-Quarter Revenue Growth

A year after Google spelled out its plans to evolve into Alphabet Inc., legacy products including search and YouTube continue to be the biggest revenue generators for the company.

A Simple Visual Trick Shows Google’s Evolution From Search Engine to Cellphones

The Google search bar is evolving yet again. You might say it's growing up. Or maybe it's growing out.A new spot for Pixel, Google's first self-branded smartphone, puts the iconic white strip front and center to show the search-engine-now-hardware company is moving closer than ever before to compete head-on with other smartphone powerhouses. (Think Apple.)

What Google Learned From the Digital Diaries of 1,000 Mobile Users

There's that old saying about how it takes walking a mile in someone else's shoes to know them. But for Google, all it takes is a week of tracking a person's digital and physical footsteps.

Google Is Sending More Than a Dozen YouTube Stars to Rio to Livestream the Olympics

Google is bringing its team of tech offerings to the 2016 Olympics this month in hopes of winning part of the online action.

What’s in a Name? For Yahoo, Too Much and Not Enough

Once the dust settles from last week's news of the final nail in the coffin for Yahoo, one of the web's original pioneers, we'll undoubtedly have a thousand reasons to consider why Big Purple failed.

Pinterest Poaches Snapchat Exec for New Ad Measurement Role

As Pinterest looks to build out its data and measurement offerings for advertisers, the company has hired one of Snapchat's top research chiefs to fill a newly created role.