Scrabble Finds Christmas Cheer in Wordplay With Its Latest Cute Anagrams Ad

Christmas-loving word nerds will probably enjoy this new letter-shuffling ad from Scrabble.

Ad of the Day: Scrabble Tells a Delightful Love Story Entirely in Anagrams

When it comes to telling a brand story through anagrams, Lola Madrid's new Scrabble spot tops them all.

Why Did BFGoodrich Toss a Truck Tire Out of an Airplane?

So let’s say it’s your job to do a little marketing for a new type of heavy-duty radial tire. Are you going to go all tire-geek and talk about stuff like pinch shock, tread puncture and sidewall splitting? Not if it’s real attention you want, you won’t. Better do something more interesting with that tire.

Ogilvy Paris Takes Top Honor at Webby Awards

The Paris office of Ogilvy & Mather is top gun at this year's Webby Awards.

Ad of the Day: Scrabble

Gimme a P! Gimme a Q! Gimme a blank square!What's that spell?

Obama Taps Video Games for Early Voting

How crucial are the swing states in the presidential race? So crucial that President Obama is once again taking the chase for votes to the virtual battlegrounds of the video game world.