The Story of Kids TV Mastermind Fred Seibert

Fred Seibert is sitting in his New York office, filled with Legos and comic books, talking enthusiastically about his first big failure.

Cartoon Network Upfront: Established Names and an Invitation to Native Advertisers

Cartoon Network is forgoing a traditional New York advertiser presentation for a second year running, but the kids' network hasn't been idle: new series including offbeat comedy Clarence and Elijah Wood-starring miniseries Over the Garden Wall are a part of the network's 2014-15 slate.

Zoinks! State Farm Saves Scooby-Doo and the Gang in Groovy Animated Spot

Many State Farm commercials were animated back in the '50s and '60s, but the insurance company returns to cartoons this week for the first time in decades—in a spot from Translation starring Scooby-Doo and the gang. The ad, which broke this weekend during Saturday Night Live, shows the meddling kids getting in an accident on a road after the Creeper jumps out in front of them. Using the magic "Like a good neighbor" jingle, they summon a State Farm agent, who helps them out—and reveals the real identity of the Creeper (who, alas, turns out not to be Flo from the Progressive commercials). The spot was created with Warner Brothers and uses the official character graphics, voices and music tracks from the cartoon. The animated agent is based on a real person, too—State Farm agent Lucy Rodas, who "helps her customers get to a groovier state in Norwalk, Calif.," according to the company. "State Farm has been 'like a good neighbor' for customers since 1922, allowing them to help many different people across the decades," says Translation creative director, Emily Sander. "Pairing with Warner Bros.' Scooby-Doo allowed us to demonstrate that heritage of help in a unique way, showing just how far it extends—even to the animated, mystery-solving Scooby Gang of friends from 1969." "Just as the Scooby Gang solves a mystery and saves the day, like a good neighbor, State Farm is there to save the insurance day," adds State Farm assistant vice president of marketing communications Tim Van Hoof. Credits below.