Saudi Arabia

Here Are 9 Snapchat Images That Opened Mecca to the Rest of the World

Snapchat is giving the world a look at Mecca today with its first live story from Islam's holiest city. "Mecca live" is even trending on Twitter.

Ogilvy Creates Saudi Arabia’s First Major Ad Campaign Condemning Violence Against Women

Saudi Arabia, which ranked 131st out of 134 countries for gender parity in a recent report from the World Economic Forum, has unveiled what is believed to be its first major ad campaign condemning violence against women. The first ad, created by Memac Ogilvy in

Judge Reopens Rape Case Against News Corp. Investor

A Spanish judge has reopened a sexual assault case against Saudi prince and second largest News Corp. shareholder Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, The New York Times reports.