Ad of the Day: Sasquatch Is Alive and Well and Living in This Seattle Suburb’s Ads

It turns out Sasquatch, the mythical ape-like creature who's sparked imaginations through the years after sightings in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, is really just a hirsute web developer who lives a quiet life in suburban Seattle. 

Jack Link’s Will Never Get Tired of Messin’ With Sasquatch

Just when you thought you ran out of ways to mess with Sasquatch, someone comes along with lipstick and press-on nails. And as you'd guess, Sasquatch does not care for his glam makeover. In the ongoing saga for Jack Link's beef jerky, the hirsute man-beast gets punked yet again—three times, in fact, in new TV spots from longtime agency Carmichael Lynch. He's just come out of hibernation, so his back story goes, and roams too close to civilization, where he's an easy target for public humiliation. He gets "beautified," doused with slop and hosed. Who could resist? Retaliation, which has become a hallmark and creative flourish of these ads, ensues. Those folks will never learn. More spots and credits below.