Could Tumblr Save Web Publishing?

Last month, as storm surges from Hurricane Sandy inundated lower Manhattan, Datagram, a New York-based media ISP, watched as its basement full of severs took on over five feet of water,

Eyes of the Storm

Two nights after Hurricane Sandy assailed the mid-Atlantic, whipping up a corrosive stew of seawater and galeforce winds that rendered the lower third of Manhattan a sodden Dark Zone, Jon Stewart returned to the air to salute first responders and local officials with a “Tribute to Institutional Competence.” 

FCC: Mobile and Cable Services Improving

As many residents of New York and New Jersey know all too well after Sandy blew through town, cellphone and cable service outages persist. But overall, communications conditions in the 10 states knocked out by the storm are improving, the Federal Communications Commission said today.

Three Media Congloms Make Hefty Sandy Donations

The Walt Disney Company is in a generous mood these days. The day after plunking down $4 billion for Star Wars and Indiana Jones owner Lucasfilm Entertainment, Disney has donated $2 million to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts: $1 million specifically for the Red Cross and another million earmarked for "organizations working on rebuilding efforts."