Sandwich Video

Karateka Trailer Is Hawk-Punching Hilarity for Retro Gaming Geeks

If you’re an old-school video gamer, you’ve got to love the trailer for Karateka, a modern spin on the 1980s classic. Created by geek culture guru Adam Lisagor’s Sandwich Video, the trailer features the aging sensei of the original game’s protagonist, whose fighting “was remarkable ... for its time.” The spot was actually comissioned by Jordan Mechner, creator of both the first Karateka and the remake. Packed with meta humor and fan-savvy references to the iconic Apple II version (“Always punch the hawk!”), the promo clip is campy, clever and charming. The only thing missing is a nice zinger about the fact that the original game’s white hero and golden-haired princess have finally been replaced with actual Asians. Hat tip to Evan Travers for letting me know about this one. Credits after the jump.