Ad of the Day: See the Sweet Samsung Ad That’s Become a Major Hit in India

In rural India, people sometimes have to travel up to 50 miles just to have minor repairs made on a cell phone. Samsung is addressing this by rolling out a fleet of 535 vans to visit people who need service—and is promoting it with a heartwarming ad that's gotten more than 35 million views in less than two weeks.

Samsung’s New Year’s Campaign Reminds Us That Working Out Is Actually Pretty Weird

Given the number of exercise-themed ads and well-toned models gracing our screens every day, it's quite easy to forget that voluntary exercise is a relatively new phenomenon.

Samsung Just Revealed at CES That It’s Sold 5 Million Virtual Reality Headsets

While Samsung may have made some less than friendly headlines in 2016 thanks to concerns about exploding phones, the Korean tech powerhouse has no doubt been a leader in bringing virtual reality to the masses with its affordable Gear VR headset.

The Most Engaging Brand Content of 2016, Month by Month

In 2015, there was a marked increase in the popularity of brand videos on YouTube. In 2016, brands took social video storytelling to another level, not only on YouTube, but […]

Casey Neistat’s New Drone-Powered Holiday Video Looks Like a Branded Masterpiece

Casey Neistat has done it again, releasing a holiday video for Samsung today with an enormous drone that lifts and flies the stunt-minded,

This New York Shop Takes a Jazz-like Approach to Marketing and Events

Specs Who President Esther Yoon, CEO Maurice Bernstein What Media, marketing and events shop Where New York and Los Angeles

Samsung Wishes You a Happy Virtual Holiday With Gear VR Ads and Experiences

Finally, here's a holiday ad where people aren't pretending to like the gifts they're given! There's just one catch: We really can't tell what's getting them all so wound up.Samsung is hoping to create what it calls "a new holiday tradition" with a campaign called "The Gift of Galaxy," which celebrates experiences both delightful and immersive. If you've followed Samsung's many VR-related ads this year, you won't be all that surprised at what this gift entails. 

NYC Kids Enjoy a Perfect Day, Thanks to Samsung, in This Relaxed W+K Ad

If nothing else, Wieden + Kennedy Portland's new slice-of-life spot for Samsung is an upbeat expression of the mobile-device panopticon we live in.The spot follows a handful of photogenic New York City kids as they film themselves with their phones and Gear 360 cameras, and humorously introduce an older guy to virtual reality with a Gear VR headset that one kid just brought along for some reason. (There's something irksome to me about jumping into virtual reality when you're already outside.)

Adweek Podcast: Let’s Talk About L.A. vs. NYC, Debate Ratings and Samsung’s Note Nightmare

Is Los Angeles becoming a modern marketing utopia? With its growing combination of tech, content creators, production and agencies, the city is increasingly known as a burgeoning ad town.

Negative Chatter About Samsung Shot Up After the Galaxy Note 7 Debacle

Samsung has a brand emergency on its hands. After weeks of reports that its flagship Galaxy Note 7 phones were catching on fire from overheated batteries, the brand ceased production of the phone Sunday.