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Derek Jeter Launches The Players’ Tribune As a Digital Platform for Athletes

When Jason Collins decided to announce he was retiring from the NBA, he wanted to say it in his own words. Instead of going to a traditional media outlet, he wrote a first-person essay for The Players' Tribune, a digital publication that gives athletes a chance to share their stories.

Derek Jeter Launches The Players’ Tribune

Derek Jeter didn't waste much time in making his next career move.

These Are the NFL’s 7 Social Branding MVPs

The NFL season has yet to begin, but Russell Wilson, the reigning Super Bowl champion quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, is already retweeting sponsors like Braun. The 25-year-old represents a new era of sports spokespeople where athletes’ performances on social media channels are almost as important as how they play on the field.

Russell Wilson Isn’t Peyton Manning. And to the Companies He Endorses, That’s Just Fine

Peyton Manning is one of the top 10 commercials endorsers of all time in the sports world. But what about the other quarterback starting on Sunday?