7 Advertising Trends That Show You Exactly Where This Industry Is Headed

How big is programmatic advertising? It’s on track to be $20 billion big. This once small piece of the ad industry—the automated buying and selling of digital ads—is set to double from this year’s $10 billion to $20 billion in 2016, according to eMarketer’s latest report.

How Advertising Powers China’s IPO Darling Alibaba

Alibaba Group finally announced its long awaited public offering Tuesday, disclosing for the first time its financial statements that reveal the inner workings of this Chinese Internet hydra with tentacles in e-commerce, e-payments, social media, messaging,

Microsoft Opening Up More Ad Inventory to Programmatic

Microsoft is opening more of its ad space to programmatic selling. The company announced the move today during Ad:tech New York. Microsoft said it is expanding its partnership with AppNexus to deliver more ads through the Microsoft Advertising Exchange and on mobile devices.

More Brands Are Using Real-Time Bidding to Buy Ads: Report

Just as interest in native advertising keeps growing, more brands are also exploring the other side of the coin: programmatic advertising.

Rocket Fuel Lives Up to Its Name in First Day of Trading

Rocket Fuel, a DSP that advertises campaign creation by artificial intelligence and includes inventory on Twitter and Facebook, was priced at $29 a share yesterday before its IPO. Today, the stock opened at $59.95 and climbed to more than $62 before hovering in the mid-fifties for the rest of the day. Is it 1999 again?

Condé Nast Cracks Door Wider to Its Private Exchange

Condé Nast, having cracked open the door to programmatic buying two years ago, has swung it open a little more.

Buyers Blind When It Comes to How Exchanges Actually Work

Data is power, or rather is empowering to any business. When one thinks about data with regards to digital advertising, most likely what first comes to mind is targeting data, which essentially is any data that allows a marketer to get the right message to the right person at the right time.

Digital Radio Gets Real-Time With Xaxis

While no medium is totally efficient, digital radio advertising can be particularly wasteful.

FBX Partner Rocket Fuel Rakes in $107 Million in 2012

Ad tech outfits tend to keep quiet on how their business is doing, unless business is doing particularly well.

It’s Basic Math That’s Killing Display

A few weeks ago, Adweek ran an investigative feature on the impact of the flux of venture capital dollars into the ad tech space. The piece generated a lot of reaction—mostly positive, though some readers did not agree with much of the piece.