Royal Baby

Today’s #AdweekChat: Why Topical Social Content Is So Lame, and How to Fix It

This week is shaping up to be a social media manager's dream (or nightmare?) with the #RoyalBaby, #StarWarsDay and

Here Are the Top 10 Branded Tweets About the Royal Baby

Brands had a full plate of real-time events to respond to this weekend: the birth of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, the Kentucky Derby and the

How Nissan Beat Everyone With a Royal Baby Tweet in Just Seven Minutes

It was about as real-time as marketing gets. A mere seven minutes after the royal family's announcement Monday that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting again, Nissan U.K. posted the tweet below.

Fisher-Price Targets Millennial Moms for the Royal Baby’s Birthday

The idea of brands becoming publishers has been around for a couple years, as businesses have en masse created social media pages and content blogs to promote their wares.

People Hits Newsstand Gold With Royal Baby Cover

Last week, Time Inc.'s People scored a major victory (in the world of celebrity weeklies, at least) by publishing a full-page photo of Kate Middleton and her

Just How Much Royal Baby News Was Consumed?

George Alexander Louis, the baby boy born to Prince William and Kate Middleton, has had the world's attention for months—and the advertising/content discovery platform

British Bakery Cooks Up Best Headline for a Royal-Baby Tribute Ad

Most of the tactical marketing around the royal baby's birth has been a bit undercooked, but this headline from British bakery Warburtons is pretty decent. By WCRS in London.

William and Kate’s Nursery Decorator Screws Up Royally in Carling Ad

The congratulatory ads continue to roll in following the birth of William and Kate's royal baby on Monday. Here's Carling's entry from ad agency Creature—an amusing tale of a palace nursery decorator who's working off faulty information.

The Sun Celebrates the Royal Baby and Other Famous Infants Who’ll Soon Be Running the World

William and Kate's baby is just a day old, and he's already out carousing with other overprivileged infants. Grey London whipped up the "Future Rulers" ad above for The Sun, showing the royal baby alongside "some other pretty high-profile ankle biters" (the agency's words)—Harper Beckham, North West, Elijah Furnish-John and Blue Ivy Carter. They will all be trouble in 18 years, if not sooner. Showing its flexibility, the agency produced the classier image below for The Times and The Sunday Times of London—replacing the traditional stork with the most royal of birds, the swan, in an ad featuring an image from award-winning still-life photographer Jenny Van Sommers. Credits for both below.

Celeb Media Prepares for Royal Baby ‘Blowout’

Royal milestones are proven cash cows for celebrity weeklies: Between newsstand sales, special issues and features, the magazine industry raked in an estimated $31 million from the Royal Wedding in 2011.