Ad of the Day: JetBlue Gave Three Hard-Working Buskers in NYC a Delightful Surprise

Stroll through the busy streets of New York City (or any city, for that matter) and chances are you'll hear and see street performers playing beautiful melodies. If you're like most busy New Yorkers, though, you'll have your headphones in, head down, paying little to no attention to your surroundings.

Kids Tell Sweet Stories About Where Puppies Come From, Only to Break Your Heart

Ask a group of kids where puppies come from, and they'll tell you wondrous stories of frolicking in Puppyland and playing with puppy friends. That's how The Humane Society of the United States begins its latest campaign launching on the glorious holiday that is National Dog Day. 

Rokkan Helped Pantone Create a New App With Young, Digitally Savvy Designers in Mind

Pantone created its first app over seven years ago, and as technology has evolved, the brand hasn't made many changes to its original product, myPANTONE. But today, the brand is debuting a new app called Pantone Studio, which keeps young, tech-savvy designers in mind by focusing on inspiration and workflow.

Ad of the Day: How Coffee Maybe, Probably Got Us to the Moon 47 Years Ago

Would the first successful manned moon landing have run as smoothly as it did if mission control wasn't properly stocked with strong coffee? Probably not, claims a new campaign for the Colombia Coffee Grower's Federation.

Think You Know Whisky? Glenfiddich Thinks You’re Wrong

You might think you know what a whisky drinker looks like or what a good glass of whisky tastes like, but Glenfiddich would tell you you're stereotyping—and that you're wrong.

Veuve Clicquot Targets Millennials With Its First Digital Campaign

Veuve Clicquot wants accomplished, influential young women to know that champagne is more than a drink reserved for wedding toasts and New Year's celebrations, but rather a bottle that, when popped, can lead to any number of surprises.

Tough Mudder Celebrates the Awesome Fearlessness of Childhood in First Global Campaign

When you're a kid, you do dumb stuff like lick a battery for the hell of it. You test limits, because if you didn't you'd never learn.

Is Virtual Reality the Next Big Form of In-Bar Entertainment?

Would you strap on an Oculus Rift headset at your favorite bar? In the latest example of how marketers are embracing virtual reality, alcohol brands are taking branded entertainment to a new level with tech-aided events at local watering holes.

What’s the More Important American Tech Brand, Apple or John Deere?

While Google has created huge hype in Silicon Valley for developing a self-driving car, John Deere has quietly sold monstrous self-driving tractors to farmers in flyover state

Mobile Branding Goes Dark

It seems counterintuitive that advertisers would be interested in anonymity-based platforms in an age of Facebook hypertargeting.