A Kid Grows Up Really, Really Fast in BBH’s Latest Cute Ad for Robinsons

BBH London has made some brilliant ads for British juice brand Robinsons over the years—notably, this Wimbledon spot and, of course, the famous "Pals" ad from 2013, which really is one of the great twist-ending ads ever.Now, agency and client are back with a fun new :60 that uses some mildly freaky CGI to illustrate the new theme "They grow up fast."

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BBH Finally Gets to Add Storybook Ending to Its Wimbledon Ad for Robinsons

Britain had to wait 77 years—until Sunday's win by Andy Murray—to celebrate another British male singles champion at Wimbledon. So, BBH London should feel fortunate that it had to wait only four years to add the proper ending to its now-famous Wimbledon commercial for Robinsons drinks. The spot, which dreams of the day when a British player would once again win the prestigious London tennis tournament, was originally put together in 2009. Murray made it to the semifinals that year, losing to Andy Roddick. He made it to the semifinals in each of the following two years as well, reaching the final in 2012, only to fall to Roger Federer. This year, finally, he triumphed—over Novak Djokovic. "Worth the wait, wasn't it?" says BBH's newly added voiceover at the end.brightcove.createExperiences(); I did not. Maybe the trophy will get lucky tonight! RT @jode_d @andy_murray did you go to sleep with the trophy in bed next to you? #AskAndy — Andy Murray (@andy_murray) July 8, 2013

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How BBH Perfected the Twist Ending for the Year’s Best Beverage Ad

IDEA: Twist endings aren't always the best idea for commercials. Ads need staying power, and relying too much on a surprise can ruin them after the first viewing. BBH London got around this quite skillfully in its wonderful new spot pitching Robinsons juice as the thirst quencher after a day of energetic family play.

Two Friends Are Not Quite Who They Appear in Touching British Juice Ad

I'll admit to not seeing the twist ending coming in this evocative new spot by BBH London for fruit-drink brand Robinsons. You could quibble with the end lines, perhaps—and here's why—but that's overthinking it. It's an extremely sweet ad, expertly shot by the directing duo of Si & Ad at Academy Films. The commercial breaks Saturday in the U.K. during Britain's Got Talent and will run in 30- and 60-second executions. Credits below.brightcove.createExperiences();