Robert McDowell

House Lawmakers Launch Process to Update Aging Communications Laws

Two House Republicans announced an ambitious initiative to rewrite and update the decades-old communications laws that have been overwhelmed by new technologies and new media.

FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules May Not Survive Court

D.C.'s political bookies are giving the full survival of the Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules long odds.

FCC Heads to Court to Defend Net Neutrality Rules

Whether or not the Federal Communications Commission has the authority to regulate the Internet comes back in the spotlight on Monday when the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals hears oral arguments in Verizon v. FCC.

Obama Nominates Wheeler to Head FCC [Updated]

In a move that came as no surprise to anyone inside the Beltway, President Obama today nominated Tom Wheeler to head the Federal Communications Commission. Wheeler, an ally and fundraiser for Obama, will succeed Obama law school buddy Julius Genachowski, who announced his departure last month.

FCC Chairman Announces Exit Friday

Well, that was fast. Federal Communications Commission Julius Genachowski announced Friday he is leaving the agency just two days after Republican Commissioner Robert McDowell said he would bow out in a few weeks.

FCC’s McDowell Announces His Exit

In a not totally unexpected move, Commissioner Robert McDowell (R) announced during the Federal Communications Commission’s monthly meeting, that he would be exiting the agency “in a few weeks.”McDowell’s exit wasn’t completely out of the blue. His chief of staff, Angela Giancarlo, resigned last month.

Another Delay in FCC Media Ownership Rules Proceeding

Here's a shocker: The Federal Communications Commission's proceeding on media ownership rules is now officially on hold pending an impact study on how cross-ownership affects minority ownership. It could be late spring, even summer, before the proceeding, already two years behind schedule, starts rolling again.

House Subcommittees Meet to Preserve Internet Freedom

There may be gridlock in Congress on most issues, but making sure that governments such as Russia, China, Iran and Saudi Arabia are blocked from balkanizing the Internet is not one of them.No fewer than three House subcommittees met jointly Tuesday to figure out how to preserve a global Internet free from government control. 

Google, Tech Companies Take Action to Preserve Internet at U.N. Treaty Talks

A veritable who's who of Internet and tech companies including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, Cisco, AT&T and Verizon are headed to Dubai next week in an effort to preserve a free and open Internet.

First Mover: Robert McDowell

Specs Age 49 Who FCC commissioner; post-election, back in minority as Republican member