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Yahoo Reboots Ad Business in Attempt to Own Ad Tech

It’s getting harder to accuse Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer of not caring much for the ad business.

Is Yahoo Finally Fixing Its Deeply Flawed Ad Exchange?

We all have blind spots, and Marissa Mayer’s is Right Media.

For Yahoo’s Mayer, Size Does Matter

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said during the company’s third-quarter earnings call that she was eyeballing relatively small acquisitions, describing potential deals as “something in the size and scale of double-digit millions and low hundreds of millions.” And despite chatter to the contrary, it sounds like Mayer’s sticking with the plan.

It’s Basic Math That’s Killing Display

A few weeks ago, Adweek ran an investigative feature on the impact of the flux of venture capital dollars into the ad tech space. The piece generated a lot of reaction—mostly positive, though some readers did not agree with much of the piece.

Right On Marissa!

All you Yahoo prognosticators can settle down (for now). Right Media isn’t going anywhere.

Fast Chat: Tim Armstrong

AOL announced quarterly earnings on Wednesday, and while the numbers weren't exactly stellar, there were numerous positive signs. Traffic is up, as are global ad dollars and video views.