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Ricky Gervais Is Back as the World’s Most Contemptuous Pitchman for Optus

Australian broadband and cable company Optus has brought back Ricky Gervais for two more ads in which he absolutely, positively couldn't give a damn about what he's pitching.

‘Married’ Star Judy Greer Won’t Get Sucked Into TV Binge-Watching

Specs Age 39 Claim to fame Star of FX's Married (Season 2 premieres July 16); appears in Jurassic World (June 12) and Ant-Man (July 17); author of I Don't Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star

Ricky Gervais Phones In These Hilariously Honest Ads Introducing Netflix to Australia

Ricky Gervais is the ultimate anti-pitchman in this amusing set of ads for Australian broadband and cable company Optus, promoting its deal to bring Netflix to the country.

Ad of the Day: Ricky Gervais Crashes Your Favorite Netflix Shows

Despite winning only seven of the 31 Emmys its shows were nominated for, Netflix still found a clever way to cash in on the popularity of its original programs during Monday's telecast.

Jash Shows YouTube Is Not So Easy—Even for Big Comics [UPDATED]

Early last year, following the fallout from the YouTube-funded channels effort, many pointed to a new wave of celebrities attempting YouTube channels—including Ricky Gervais and Adam

How’s Ricky Gervais Doing on YouTube?

How’s David Brent’s comeback going?

Fey and Poehler Lead Golden Globes to 6-Year Ratings High

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler not only made the Golden Globes fun again, but they also helped deliver the award show’s highest ratings in six years.

Big Web Series Emerge Around Marquee Names

The glut of big-name original Web programming announced at the “digital newfront” presentations is solidifying around some key shows­—one of which wasn’t even at the presentations.