Rhett & Link

Dwayne Johnson Is Launching a New YouTube Channel to Collaborate With Other Influencers

Dwayne Johnson is joining Rhett and Link, Lilly Singh, Roman Atwood and other top YouTubers. The action star and his production company, Seven Bucks Digital Studios, are launching a new channel this summer with Studio 71, the multichannel network that, until earlier this year, was known as Collective Digital Studio.

Wendy’s Enlists YouTube Stars Rhett & Link to Put a Twist on Livestreaming

Thanks largely to Meerkat and Periscope, livestreaming has been a red-hot tactic for social media market

How Brands and YouTube Stars Are Hooking Up to Reach Millions of Millennials

It wasn't that long ago that marketers thought they were hip to YouTube by posting their TV commercials to the site and eking out a few extra eyeballs. But with […]

Do Competing Bottled Water Brands Actually Taste Different? Rhett & Link Find Out

Rhett & Link will slake your thirst for goofy, brand-inspired comedy in the "Ultimate Water Taste Test," a wonderfully wet episode of their "Good Mythical Morning" YouTube show. The guys, best known for their brilliantly bad local commercials, compete against each other to identify seven varieties of water. They sample five brands: Dasani, Evian, Fiji, Smart Water and Blk Water. ("It's not from a river in Alabama," Rhett quips, but infused with fulvic powder, "whatever that is.") There's also pond water from Echo Park in Los Angeles and H2O straight from the tap.

Rhett & Link Make the Best Appeal Yet to Get Off Your Damn Phone Already

The universe's obsession with smartphones is overripe for parody. Viral video stars Rhett & Link have obliged with an able skewering of the all-too-common practice of ignoring everyone and everything around you in favor of gluing your face to Facebook or Instagram or whatever the hell it is the kids are doing with their screens these days.

Epic Week for Epic Rap Battles of History

Nice Peter, the Maker Studios-repped comedic songwriter behind the megahit Epic Rap Battles in History, had a big week last week.

East Meets Wild West in Rhett & Link’s Crazy Ad for Chinese Eatery

"Feed me, or I will shoot you and burn down your establishment." How many times have I shouted that at Carl's Jr. and still had to wait for service?

Real Criminals Star in Excellent Commercial for Van Nuys Bail Bondsman

Better call Saul? Actually, try Harry Kassabian first. The proprietor of People's Bail Bonds in Van Nuys, Calif., co-stars with some real-life criminals in this great commercial produced by local-ad heroes Rhett & Link. The cue-ball-headed Kassabian makes liberal use of air quotes in describing his clients' supposed innocence—but really, it's all the same to him. "The customer is always right, even if the customer is you and you've done something illegal," he says in one of the ad's better lines. Kassabian's personal tagline? He's "the guy that gets you out." "We decided there was a group out there that really needed their own commercial: criminals," Rhett & Link tell AdFreak. True enough. Rhett & Link also made their traditional cameo—look for them in the final seconds of the spot. Credits below.

Creak, Crack, Crunch. Local Chiropractor’s Goofy Ad Is Painful to Watch

Just a few weeks after making the most awkward transmission-repair ad ever, Rhett & Link are back with another goofy local commercial—this one for the Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center in Los Angeles.

The Most Awkward Ad Ever for a Local Transmission Repair Shop

George from Arlen's Transmission might not be the next Chuck Testa, but he certainly gave 100 percent to this new commercial, created by local-ad legends Rhett & Link. Compare and contrast the new spot with Arlen's previous commercial, from 2009.