The One Show Made a 360 Video Inside a Shower So You Can Have Great Ideas Anywhere

People notoriously have some of their best ideas in the shower. There's just one problem. You can't jump in the shower whenever you need inspiration. You probably don't even have a shower at work. And even if you do, well, showering relentlessly is time consuming.Thankfully, The One Show has you covered. The ad award show just made a 360 video inside a shower, so you can virtually immerse yourself in a shower environment whenever you like—and brainstorm as though you were blissfully enjoying the real thing. The tongue-in-cheek video is the work of agency Rethink in Vancouver and is part of The One Show's new call for entries campaign, themed "One is all it takes."

Scotts Turf Builder Makes Grass So Green, This Agency Used It as a Green Screen

Here's a little inside-baseball stunt for all your advertising production people out there. Scotts Canada is running a new commercial that shows how Scotts Turf Builder Green Max will make you grass so green, you can even use it as a green screen.

This Small Canadian Island Just Launched a Pretty Ingenious Tourism Anti-Campaign

The people of Bowen Island in British Columbia have a love-hate relationships with tourists. To emphasize that, the island has released a startling new community identity: "Tell your friends it's awful here." "We love to show off our island, but we don't want it to be overrun with tourists," explains Chris Staples, a Bowen resident and founder of Vancouver-based agency Rethink. "We want visitors, but only if they really 'get' what makes Bowen special." 

Camera Store Mocks Photos Taken With Phones in Spoof of Apple’s iPhone Ads

Apple's "Shot on iPhone 6" print and outdoor ads, featuring real photos taken by real iPhone 6 users, has been very popular since its launch in early 2015, even picking up a Grand Prix award at Cannes. But of course, not every photo taken with an iPhone, or any smartphone, looks quite as perfect as that campaign would suggest.Lens & Shutter, a three-location photography store chain in Canada, specializing in DSLR cameras, reminds its target market of the limitations of smartphone cameras in a fun parody of the Apple campaign—featuring the line "Shot on a phone."

This Annoying Preroll Ad Lets You Kill It, Not Just Skip It

Some preroll ads are just so irritating that merely skipping them doesn't seem like meting out proper justice. Sometimes you just want to kill them. And this fun and pretty brilliant Canadian ad for Weed B Gon lets you do just that.

For $1, You Can Get Your Name in the Credits of a Campaign Being Entered in The One Show

If you thought ad awards were all about the money—well, it seems you were right.In a cheeky stunt, Canadian agency Rethink is crowdfunding a campaign whose credit list is for sale. For just $1, you can add your name to the campaign's credits as a member of the "Creative Team." For $10, you get a writer or art director credit. For $25, creative director. For $50, executive creative director. For $100, chief creative officer. And if you pony up $1,000, you'll be listed in the credits as "The Chosen One."

Grocery Chain Reminds Shoppers to Check Their Melons in Cheeky Breast Cancer Stunt

October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but that doesn't mean refraining from making breast puns until next fall. Up in Canada, the Nesters Market grocery chain is giving its melons a makeover this week to remind women to check themselves for breast cancer.

A Woman on the $10 Bill Would Mean More If Women Didn’t Earn $7.80 to Men’s $10

Harriet Tubman, Eleanor Roosevelt, Helen Keller, Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony. There are plenty of solid suggestions so far on who should grace the new female-fronted $10 bill, replacing Alexander Hamilton on redesigned bills coming from the U.S. Treasury in 2020.But how about your face, ladies?Here's some cold hard reality to go with that cold hard cash, however: It won't be worth a sawbuck, but rather just $7.80 if you're a woman earning it, compared to every $10 that men get paid, and even less if you're African American or Latino. That's the premise of a video from ad agency Rethink that points out the gender gap, and new social campaign by ad agency WongDoody in Los Angeles.

These Wrecked Toy Cars Found in Cereal Boxes Send a Sobering Drunk-Driving Message

It's always so much fun to get a little toy inside your cereal box! Until that toy is a mangled vehicle reminding you of the dangers of drunk driving.

Uber Sets Up a Curbside Breathalyzer, Drives You Home If You’re Over the Limit

Drunk-driving messaging is a naturally fruitful creative area for any taxi or car-service company, and Uber has produced a very cool campaign around the topic with this curbside breathalyzer in Toronto.