This Ad About Dangerous Driving Is 100% Not Headed Where You Think It Is

Imagine a road without rules—one where you can drive like a madman, cut people off at will, and stop wherever you want for an impromptu selfie. That might sound either awesome or awful. Luckily, none of us has to experience it in real life ... or do we? This riotous spot on the subject veers off into a message you might not see coming:

This Documentary About Rick Ross Is Actually a Pretty Impressive Ad for Checkers

It's not often you get to realize a childhood dream. And rapper Rick Ross just bought his—a Checkers franchise in his hometown, Carol City, Florida. Curiouser still, the purchase has led to the creation of a tiny documentary, which the drive-through restaurant chain is using as branded content. 

These Smart Retail Shelves Tell Brands All About Who Is Looking at Their Products

The next time you pick up a six-pack of Coca-Cola at your local grocery store, artificial intelligence may be analyzing your eye movements and facial expressions.

Why Brands Can’t Let AI, VR Hype Blur the Importance of Mobile


This Grocery Chain Just Mocked Amazon Go as a Latecomer With a Snarky Remake of Its Ad

Four years ago, we started to wonder—what would shopping look like if you could walk into a store, grab what you want and just ... go?  That's how the ad for Amazon Go begins. Released late last year, it promises an idyllic grocery store experience in which you no longer have to queue and fiddle with your wallet to pay for pork loins and cereal. Everything happens automatically, and the goods are delivered to your door. 

GNC Plans a Fourth-Quarter Comeback This Year With Its Super Bowl Ad Debut

Among the many familiar faces, including Skittles and GoDaddy, one new brand will be making its Super Bowl debut this year: GNC, long known as the place one goes to buy vitamins in bulk.

How Sperry’s ‘Micro-Influencers’ Reach Impressive Heights for Little Cost on Instagram

Sperry, which is known for its boat shoes that anchor its 41 U.S. stores, is ramping up its digital marketing game—specifically on Instagram. Since eMarketer recently predicted 74 percent of U.S.

Ikea Renamed Products After Frequently Googled Problems That Those Products Solve

Swedish agency Åkestam Holst has spent the past year using Ikea to explore family dynamics in all shades—from relationship longevity to divorce, and most recently, a troubled passage between a father and daughter. But while those ads were fairly subtle, its latest effort minces no words. "Retail Therapy" puts Ikea's "Where Life Happens" campaign into blunt action with a website where products are renamed to match common Google searches in Sweden. 

Thanks to Google, You Can Now Take a VR Tour of New York’s Holiday Window Displays

Can't make it to New York to walk along Fifth Avenue to experience the iconic holiday window displays? Google is helping wannabe visitors check them out in virtual reality.

Vinyl Records Are Now Outselling Digital Downloads in the UK

If you thought the vinyl record's comeback story was more buzz than business, consider the latest developments from across the pond.