How Waffle House Became Such a Sanctuary for the Broke, Bored and Occasionally Soused

In 2007, an intoxicated Kid Rock got into a fight at an Atlanta restaurant and wound up in jail. In 2013, a woman was arrested for public intoxication at a Loganville, Ga., dining establishment where she mistook a cheeseburger for a shoe and wore it on her foot.

4 Reasons Why Food Is Exploding as the Perfect Marketing Medium

Food is inherently nostalgic. We all have memories of dishes that our family cooked or that we ordered at our favorite restaurants growing up, and we are constantly creating new food memories.

My Year in Food: a Photo Essay of New York’s Culinary Hot Spots

Some people say grace before a meal. I have a similar ritual before chowing down, as do so many others in this social media age: I take pictures of my […]

Applebee’s Bets Big on Relaunching the Brand Around Wood-Fired Steaks

As competitors rely on promotional-driven strategies in a fickle economy, Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar is making a $75 million bet that a menu relaunch will boost weak sales.

Always on Your Phone at Restaurants? These 2 Brands Really Want You to Stop

No one likes trying to have a dinner conversation with someone who's distracted by a screen. But other people get just as annoyed if they're asked to put their phone away when an "important" call or text might come through. It's one of the great social tensions of our time, and marketers seem to be picking a side. 

13 Ideal Spots to Eat and Drink in Cannes, From a Copywriter Who Lived There

Cannes is undoubtedly an amazing place to visit, but finding the right spots for food or drinks away from the crowded Croisette can be a challenge.

Jeff Foxworthy Says You Have the Right to Eat Breakfast for Dinner

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy has a broad, family-friendly appeal beyond those who might be rednecks. And Golden Corral, the North Carolina-based buffet-dining chain, is looking to leverage that relatability in its new "Golden Bill of Rights" campaign, which features Foxworthy as the brand's spokesman.

Quiznos’ Parody Ad Comically Mashes Up Star Wars and Entourage

Star Wars: Episode VII doesn't hit theaters until December, but the parade of marketing around the movie has already begun. Quiznos today is launching a parody ad on YouTube that playfully mashes up the film franchise with another flick—the movie version of the HBO show Entourage due out in June.

Customers Are Paying to Trade Places With the Barista

Two years ago, Christian Ott decided to run a Sunday afternoon seminar on coffee appreciation. Ott had just been hired as director of coffee for Stone Creek, an artisanal coffee chain with 10 locations in and around Milwaukee, and he figured he could teach his clientele a thing or two. But as the seminars got going, it was Ott who learned something.

Two of SXSW’s Hottest Food Trucks Dish on Instagram’s Marketing Powers

Food trucks have become a South by Southwest Interactive tradition, and options galore will line several streets in downtown Austin, Texas, where the tech festival begins Friday. And every one of the artisanal sellers will be tweeting while posting via Facebook and—more than ever this year—Instagram to create chatter around its offerings.