Rep. Peter DeFazio

Sen. Schumer to Introduce Bill to Crack Down on Patent Trolls

Patent trolls, companies that don't produce or manufacture products, but make a living buying up patents in order to sue other companies, may not have long to prosper—if Congress can figure out a way to stop them.

Bill Targeting Patent Trolls Could Be First Nail in the Coffin

This could be the year Congress takes serious action against patent trolls, non-practicing entities that buy up patents and virtually extort companies to pay up for violating frivolous patents.

Patent Trolls Get Worked Over at CES

Last year, it was SOPA that rallied the Internet community. This year it may well be patent trolls, companies whose sole business is to buy up patents and then go after companies for patent infringement, costing those companies millions of dollars in fees in order to avoid paying even more to defend themselves in court.