How to Win a Cannes Media Lion in 2017: Insider Advice From a First-Time Juror

Even the most experienced Cannes Lions attendee doesn't really know what to expect when she or he is a judge for the first time. I'd heard the stories, of course: long days, locked away in windowless rooms, headphones on, reviewing hundreds of entries. Would it be exhilarating? Would it be fun? Would I be glad I'd done it? 

French Copywriter’s Ad Wins a Top Award Just Days After His Death in the Paris Attacks

BERLIN, Germany—A Renault ad by Publicis Conseil won gold in the Epica Awards on Tuesday, and only after voting were the judges told it had been written by copywriter Fabrice Dubois, who died in the terrorist attacks on Paris last Friday.

Renault Surprises Test Drivers With Baguettes, Roses and Half-Dressed Hotties

Automobile test drives have been getting a bit more interesting lately. On the heels of the hugely popular Jeff Gordon video for Pepsi MAX comes this new campaign from Britain for the Renault Clio, in which unsuspecting drivers (guys in one spot, girls in another) get a sudden, unexpected dose of France when, prompted by the salesman, they push a "Va Va Voom" button on the dash. The interlude starts off romantic—a wheeled-in backdrop of the Eiffel Tower, lovers smooching, violins playing, roses and baguettes all around—but soon gets more salacious, as the drivers are treated to scantily clad hotties of the opposite sex gyrating around the car. Surprising everyday people during their mundane lives is all the rage in ads lately. This one certainly attempts to check all the boxes for virality. Scorch London and Unruly produced it. More credits below. Renault Dacia Knows the Cycle of Life has posted a load of new ads recently, including one particularly fun commercial—Publicis Conseil's 2009 "Circle" spot for Renault Dacia.

Wicked Lesbian Foreplay: An Advertising Idea Worth Stealing?

In December, we wrote about a lesbian-themed ad for Renault that had sparked controversy in Italy. At the time, the agency, Publicis in Milan, defended the commercial by saying, "We wanted to create an advert that was original, enjoyable and at the same time not vulgar." Actually, it might not be that original.

Dita Von Teese (surprise!) strips for Renault

Chalky-skinned burlesque queen Dita Von Teese, last spotted soaking her ample bosom in Perrier, expands her range in this U.K. “Va Va Voom” spot (from Publicis London) for the Renault […]

Italy All Worked Up Over Renault’s Lesbian Ad

Renault-riding hitchhiker can never go back

Publicis in Romania delivers a twist that's well worth the wait in this ad for Renault. On a deserted highway, a guy picks up a hitchhiker, who takes an unusually […]