Red Bull Stratos

Why Did BFGoodrich Toss a Truck Tire Out of an Airplane?

So let’s say it’s your job to do a little marketing for a new type of heavy-duty radial tire. Are you going to go all tire-geek and talk about stuff like pinch shock, tread puncture and sidewall splitting? Not if it’s real attention you want, you won’t. Better do something more interesting with that tire.

GoPro’s Super Bowl Ad Looks a Lot Like Red Bull, Circa 2012

When we heard GoPro was going to be a Super Bowl advertiser again this year, we were prepared for something epic. And while the event the camera brand chose to feature is definitely a monumental moment, it's also ... kinda old.

Google’s Chief Business Officer Says It’s Time to Invent What’s Next

You’ll see all around this a number of essays about digital disruption, about what’s coming at us, about what the future will be like for us all. But the truth is, we might be a little late: The digital disruption has already occurred. It’s not something we’re planning to confront in the future. We’re all living it now.

Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week

No Liftoff (Yet) for Launchpad

Red Bull just gambled (and won big time) on backing daredevil Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic sky dive on YouTube, but a crowdsourcing stunt may prove to be a more daunting challenge.