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A Team of Real Estate Agents Is Showing Off Listings One Snap at a Time

There's a new way to find an apartment in New York, and no, it doesn't involve Craigslist.Snaplistings is a new Snapchat account, launched in October, that showcases real estate agents with big personalities and their apartment listings.

If You’ve Ever Looked for a NYC Apartment, You’ll Love These Brutally Wry Ads

Apartment hunting in New York City is a series of endless, gut-wrenching compromises. If you want this, you won't get that. If you must have that, you'll never get this. It's a math problem as much as anything, and StreetEasy captures it nicely in an illustrated campaign from new agency Office of Baby.The NYC real-estate site's "Find Your Formula" ads show the kinds of dismal equations that will eventually lead you to housing in the astronomically priced town. And the ads are full of comically frank images—like toxic waste (Gowanus), rats and roaches (East Village), hedge-fund babies (Meatpacking) and third marriages (Upper East Side).

A Dream Home Is One Where You Can Get as Freaky as You Want, Says New Trulia Campaign

When it comes to purchasing a home, you want it to be somewhere you'll feel comfortable to be yourself. For its new digital campaign, Trulia takes that to the extreme, showcasing people at home doing the strange stuff people only do when they're home alone.Trulia tapped Mekanism in San Francisco for three 30-second digital spots, released today, slated to run into the fall."You're a different person than you are in public," said Michael Grant, creative lead for Mekanism. "Once we started diving into those stories, we realized they were pretty weird and fun and that everybody has one. That's why we wanted to run and tell these stories. There is some absolute truth in all of the spots." 

Realtors Hire a New Agency to Educate Millennials About What, Exactly, They Do

The National Association of Realtors has put out the welcome mat for Arnold Worldwide, hiring the Boston-based agency to handle creative, digital, brand activation and strategy following a review led by consultancy Select Resources International.

A Mythical Blacksmith and a Real-Estate Dealmaker Pitch Kids on Go-Gurt

Squeezing the last drops of Yoplait's Go-Gurt out of its tube is serious business.That's the takeaway from two new ads for the General Mills brand from longtime agency Saatchi & Saatchi. As in the past, kids play leading roles. But rather than hijinx, persuasion and brute force come into play, plus a dash of drama.

Ad of the Day: Elizabeth Banks Gets Comically Obsessed With Real Estate for

Elizabeth Banks is everything that ads for online real estate sites are typically not—perky, lighthearted and deadpan funny. And that's precisely why she stars in Pereira & O'Dell's new campaign for

Century 21’s New Campaign Is Made Entirely of Moving Boxes

When you're moving, you're so beset by cardboard boxes that your life might as well be made of them. And now, Century 21's new ad campaign actually is.

Jeff Goldblum Is a Loony Futurist in RPA’s New Ads for

Jeff Goldblum, who's enjoying something of a renaissance as a pitchman, has scored another gig in a peculiar role as a futurist for—helping to introduce the company's advanced, perhaps even futuristic new apartment-listings website.

Burger King Surprised Apartment Hunters With One Whopper of a Kitchen Upgrade

If you're apartment hunting for a three bedroom/two bath/one Burger King, this might be the spot for you.

Homebuyers Get House Tours via Roller Coaster in This Awesome Stunt

House hunting can be an unpleasant experience. But in the Netherlands, they've found a way to make it much more entertaining—indeed, as fun as going to an amusement park.The Dutch bank ABN Amro is running a promotion all through December to help home sellers advertise their properties. To advertise it, it pulled off a hilarious stunt—building a mini roller coaster inside a home, which prospective buyers can tour while riding.