Publicis Groupe Merges Global Digital Networks Sapient and Razorfish

Publicis Groupe confirmed weeks of rumors today, announcing the merger of its SapientNitro and Razorfish networks to create a new global operation it's calling SapientRazorfish. The goal is to better meet clients' digital marketing needs within a single organization.

Food Giant J.M. Smucker Consolidates Its Digital Marketing Business With Razorfish

Food conglomerate J.M. Smucker has concluded a six-month agency review by consolidating its North American digital marketing business with Publicis' Razorfish.

USAA Consolidates With Publicis Less Than a Year After Racist Email Scandal at Former Agency

USAA, the largest provider of insurance and other financial products to U.S. military members, has consolidated its marketing business with a cluster of Publicis Groupe agencies after a formal review that lasted several months. Starting in the second quarter of 2017, all USAA work currently handled by other agencies will be transitioned to the Publicis umbrella group.

A Depressed T-Rex and His Tiny Arms Find Relief in This Oddly Wonderful Audi Ad

"You think things are gonna stay the same, then one day, boom, 25 million hits in two days." The Tyrannosaurus Rex is real. And we have ruined his life by teasing him, en masse and without shame, over his useless little arms. "I became a laughingstock," our friend laments. (To be fair, we thought he was extinct, but maybe that's a callous excuse.) "I lost the lust for life that I had. I just couldn't go out anymore."  This unexpected heartbreaker of an ad goes on to explore the depths of T-Rex's debilitating depression. He stares dejectedly out the window and spends all his time in bed. Sports don't help, and basic homemaking is just too difficult. His pillows are covered in deep slashes, like the shredded portrait of the bereft prince in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. 

What Ad Buyers Really Think About Google, Facebook, Twitter and Everything in Between

The major digital media platforms—full of big gains, big hype and often a lack of transparency—have made the advertising universe a complicated, fragmented place. And with eMarketer predicting digital ad spending to swell to $77.4 billion in 2017, up 16 percent versus this year, it's a domain that's poised to evolve even more rapidly.

Patrón Wants to Help You Find the Perfect Cocktail Using Your Amazon Echo

Are robots the new bartenders? Maybe not, but Patrón tequila is launching a web platform today called Patrón Cocktail Lab that's aimed at making at least part of the drinking process digital and eventually making buying a bottle of tequila as easy as turning on your Amazon Echo.

Ad of the Day: Kung Fury’s David Sandberg Shows Off Great, Zany Effects in Phone Ad

The Asus ZenPhone Zoom smartphone has a camera so strong, it'll turn a little toy dinosaur into a full-sized T-Rex that you can ride like a horse. 

Here Are 4 Reservations Agencies Still Have About VR as a Viable Marketing Tool

From Oculus finally announcing its long-awaited price and shipping date to GoPro CEO Nick Woodman saying that "there's nothing gimmicky about VR," virtual reality was one of the biggest draws at this year's Consumer Electron

Smart Car Tells an Instagram Story for Two, on a Pair of Devices Side by Side

We've seen a few clever marketing campaigns over the years that had to be activated by two people in order to work. Coca-Cola has done a lot of this, promoting its subtheme of togetherness with stunts like the virtual vending machine that only appeared for couples, and the Coke bottle that could only be opened by another Coke bottle. Now, Smart car has created an interesting Instagram experience designed for two people—promoting the 2016 Smart Fortwo, a vehicle whose very name suggests a commitment to being good for pairs.

This Is What Brands Need to Know About Mobile Safety

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