Ray William Johnson

The Fault in Our Photoshop Models

Most people don’t know what’s behind a model’s cheesy grin.

Ray William Johnson’s Scripted Series Works

Editor's Note: VideoWatch frequently reviews Web series. And from time to time we'll review shows aimed at tweens and teens—i.e. shows way outside our demo, such as Riley Rewind. So occasionally, we turn to real high schooler Anna McIntyre to get her take. Here are Anna's thoughts on the show, an original production from popular YouTuber Ray William Johnson: Riley Rewind is a new Web series focusing on Riley, a teenager in high school with the ability to time travel.  Riley was adopted as a child and does not know how she received this special power, but it's the kind of power comes with some great responsibility.  Yes, every teen wishes they would have some sort of superpower like flying or being able to read minds, but as in real life, not everything works out the way we may expect.

Hobbit Parody Leads YouTube Content Ranking

J.R.R. Tolkien fans came out in big numbers over the holidays to check out The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, a generally well-reviewed and received sequel to 2012's original Hobbit film. But it doesn't mean that fans didn't have their gripes.

News Bloopers Prove Popular During Quiet Holiday Week

Last week was a weird one, in that most of us were off on Wednesday (New Year's Day) and many people were still on vacation, or visiting families, or skiing. So it was something of an odd week for YouTube series content.

Jash Shows YouTube Is Not So Easy—Even for Big Comics [UPDATED]

Early last year, following the fallout from the YouTube-funded channels effort, many pointed to a new wave of celebrities attempting YouTube channels—including Ricky Gervais and Adam

Might Facebook Become a Video Programmer?

Facebook has finally entered the video ads business in a big way.After multiple delays, Facebook last week rolled out a test of its autoplay ads to a select group of users. And the company clearly is thinking big, based on a deck that's been circulating which articulates the company's ambitions to challenge TV (not to mentioned these new ads $2 million price tag).The move raises an interesting set of questions. After the guaranteed user screaming, protest pages and mass threats of never using Facebook again (it is Facebook after all), when people get used to autoplay video on the site, does Facebook start to take things further? Does the company start to become a massive video distributor? A Web video hotbed that could challenge YouTube? Or an actual programmer?

Tipping Stunt Scores 6.1 Million YouTube Views in a Week

Salt Lake City's Andrew Hales, he of the 37,000-plus Twitter followers and the YouTube channel LAHWF, tried a prank. A really nice one. He started tipping waiters $200. The inspiring results speak for themselves.

Maker Studios Hauls in $26 Million More in Funding

Fresh off its acquisition of Blip, Maker Studios has raised $26 million in a new round of financing.

YouTube Stars Struggle Mightily Off YouTube

If you talk to enough folks in the Web video industry these days, you might get the feeling that everybody wants to get off YouTube as fast as they can to start their ow

Is Maker Studios About to Take Down YouTube? Seems Unlikely

Is YouTube about to face its own Epic Stream Battle of Web Video History? Probably not.According to TheWrap, Maker Studios is looking to launch a new video site to rival YouTube. This story was apparently sparked by the infamous blogger/entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, who dropped some pretty bold statements this week at the Stream conference in Santa Monica, Calif.And while we certainly wish Maker luck, that claims seems fairly dubious, and the ambition out of whack.