Radio Flyer

Here’s Why the Tribeca Film Festival Created an Award to Recognize Branded Content

The Tribeca Film Festival today announced finalists for its first branded content award. That's right—even New York's sought-after film festival is championing the marriage of entertainment and advertising.  

Radio Flyer Found a Cute, Clever Way of Showing What Its Little Red Wagon Means to Kids

Growing up, we can't remember ever having seen an ad for Radio Flyer. (Turns out there's a reason for that.) But imagine what a modern one would be like, nourished both by nostalgia and Super Bowl beer commercials. Think back to what Radio Flyer represented when you were so small it could be anything, then scale up.  To fête its first-ever National Little Red Wagon Day, which took place Wednesday, FCB Chicago lifts Radio Flyer back into our stream of consciousness with a cute little spot that manages to embody what those wagons meant to us ... while taking the piss out of grown-up pissing contests. 

Behind Radio Flyer’s New TV Ads

This month, Radio Flyer started airing TV commercials for the first time in more than 20 years. But that doesn't mean you'll be seeing more of its iconic red wagons on your tube. Instead, the brand is using its media buys to peddle products it's less known for: two-wheel scooters.