Quartz Is Launching Quartzy, an Email Newsletter Focused on Lifestyle and Travel

Quartz—the young, inventive, versatile online publication that's built a massive following for its coverage of business and tech—is launching a weekly newsletter focused on culture, fashion, food, travel, art and personal care.

Hayley Romer Promoted to Publisher of The Atlantic

The Atlantic is announcing a leadership change today. Hayley Romer has been promoted to vp and publisher, leading ad efforts across its print and digital platforms.

Quartz Lets Readers Comment on Specific Paragraphs

Quartz is taking reader comments to the margins.

Responsive Design Doesn’t Replace Native Apps

The app won’t die. Despite the recent flood of attention to responsive Web design, with its promise to provide users a consistent experience across devices, publishers—even the most progressive—remain committed to stand-alone mobile apps.

Publishers Love Responsive Design, But There Are Imperfections

Publishers are in love with responsive design. But every new relationship has its challenges.

Atlantic Media to Launch Another Digital-First Brand, for Defense Community

Six months after launching digital business site Quartz, Atlantic Media is preparing to roll out its fifth brand and second "digital-first" property.

Quartz Publishes Top-Secret List of Pulitzer Prize Jurors

Quartz, the business news site owned by the Atlantic Media Co., got its hands on a big scoop, at least as far as the world of journalism awards is concerned.

After Scientology Debacle, The Atlantic Tightens Native Ad Guidelines

A little over two weeks after The Atlantic got egg on its face over a sponsored Web post by the Church of Scientology, the media brand has issued new guidelines for so-called native advertising.

Instagram’s User Decline May Be Holiday-Related

The New York Post made headlines and headaches for Facebook when it published a story Thursday night claiming that Instagram’s daily active user base had dropped by nearly 25 percent.

Quartz Exceeds First-Month Expectations

Atlantic Media Company launched the business news site Quartz in late September, aimed at the world’s financial elite with a mobile-first approach. The content designed in an app-like setting ideally performs well enough on smartphone and tablet platforms that actual apps would be unnecessary.