Quaker’s Month-Long ‘Oatober’ Campaign Includes 31 Different Oat Recipes

Even oatmeal is going digital. To show that Quaker's oats are used to make more than just oatmeal, the PepsiCo.-owned brand is launching a campaign this weekend as part of a month-long effort the brand is dubbing 'Oatober.'

Quaker Oats and Amazon Echo Team Up for ‘the Intersection of Old and New’

Quaker has a new robot chef and her name is Alexa.

Yes, Shoppers Actually Do Like Those Adventurous New Food Flavors

Food marketers are constantly experimenting with crazy flavors to get consumers to try new products. Those gimmicks are successfully piquing shoppers' interest (regardless of how something actually tastes), according to new findings from uSamp.

Redbook EIC Meredith Rollins Talks About How the Mag Has Evolved for Its New Millennial Audience

  Photo: Alfred Maskeroni

Quaker’s Twitter TV Targeting Campaign Gets 16% Engagement Rate

Getting brands with television-heavy budgets to buy into social is tough, but Quaker is claiming that a program it ran with Twitter earlier this year effectively extended the reach of a TV spot.

Quaker is a morning person in Juniper’s ads

Quaker Oats makes morning sound almost palatable in its new "Wake Up" spot from Juniper Park in Toronto. And after some rudimentary fact checking, both the Apollo 11 moon landing […]

Quaker Crispy Minis give you strange burps

What was BBDO Toronto trying to communicate in this Quaker Crispy Minis spot? Would the prospect of burping butterflies make you want to buy the product? Is each box full […]