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This Ad’s Love Story Between a Mermaid and a Sailor Ends With Quite a Lovely Twist

Remember those sailor stories about mermaids who drag drowning men to their doom? In this creepy—yet charming!—little piece of work, the National Maritime Rescue Organization tells just that tale ... from the perspective of the mermaid.  Set to the plaintive croon of Tobias Jesso's "Without You," a mermaid sulking on the balcony of a sunken ship sees a sailor drifting down toward her. This kicks off a model courtship.  The graphics depict a magical world illuminated by jellyfish. Love blooms around the shipwreck, a foreshadowing of darkness to come. You're bound to ask yourself a few questions: How does the sailor breathe underwater? Can you really barbeque steaks below sea level? How does that mermaid get pregnant? 

The Holidays Weren’t So Happy for the Boy in This Haunting, Heartbreaking PSA

Not everyone in the family may have been looking forward to the holiday onslaught, as evidenced by this dark PSA from France. 

French Copywriter’s Ad Wins a Top Award Just Days After His Death in the Paris Attacks

BERLIN, Germany—A Renault ad by Publicis Conseil won gold in the Epica Awards on Tuesday, and only after voting were the judges told it had been written by copywriter Fabrice Dubois, who died in the terrorist attacks on Paris last Friday.

Paris Ad Agencies Black Out Their Social Media Profile Pictures in Mourning

After the terror attacks in Paris on Friday, members of the city's advertising community are mourning all those who lost their lives, including several employees from Publicis and Havas.

What Will You Be Like in 2034? Chat With Your Future Self in This Trippy Ad Campaign

Twenty years from now, I'll be a silver-haired fox and speak with a British accent, judging from this "Future Self" campaign created by Publicis Conseil and Jam3 for European telecommunications giant Orange. Upload a photo of yourself, and the software creates an interactive 3-D model of how you might look two decades hence. You can ask questions of your future self using your computer's microphone or keyboard. Of course, these are canned responses, but most of the exchanges I sampled were amusing, and a few even felt kind of profound. When I inquired about my (his? our?) finances in 2034, Future Dave explained that money as I know it no longer exists, that it's been replaced by a system of commerce in which nobody feels short-changed. The initiative marks Orange's 20th anniversary, and it's designed to position the marketer as hip and innovative with the millennial crowd. (Yeah, I'm sure the whole emphasis on aging will have exactly that effect.) It's livelier than Merrill Edge's somewhat similar "Face Retirement" campaign, and more fun than this site, which emphasizes an aspect of the future I'd just as soon ignore. Credits below.

Top 10 Commercials of the Week

This week, we discovered that, yes, ordering Internet service can be easier than body-waxing Sasquatch, some people will eat candy that comes from another person's sweaty armpit, and how scary a drunk parent can seem to a child.

Top 10 Commercials of the Week: Sept. 14-21

Coke Zero Chases James Bond Tie-In, Humming All the Way

Publicis Conseil in Paris put together this Coke Zero spot promoting the brand's involvement with the upcoming James Bond movie Skyfall, which I mistook for an airline shopping experience when I first saw the name.

The Spot: Cinema Sorta Vérité

GENESIS: In France, customers of telecom Orange can buy one movie ticket and get one free every Tuesday—perfect if you want to bring a friend along. The brief for advertising this promotion was simple: dramatize the idea of getting closer to the richness of cinema.