How South Korea Uses Psy, VIXX and All of K-Pop to Burnish Its Image

Last month, the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena hosted “The M Countdown,” a show featuring top South Korean pop acts like VIXX, BTS, B1A4, Teen Top, IU, G-Dragon, Jung Joon Young, SPICa, CNBlue and Girls Generation.

Gallup’s Buzzy Social Media Report Appears ‘Deeply Flawed’

Gallup released a report yesterday called the State of the American Consumer that said 62 percent of U.S. consumers believe Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. do not affect their purchase decisions.

A Very Brief History of Web Video

December 1995-January 1999

Gangnam Style’s Psy to Star in Super Bowl Ad for Wonderful Pistachios

It was probably inevitable that Wonderful Pistachios, a brand known for cartoony commercials with broad comedy and D-list celebrities, would eventually end up on the Super Bowl.